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Why choose Axeos?

Broad field of view range Ø 5cm x 5.5cm to Ø 17cm x 13cm

Numerous volume sizes ensure flexibility in everyday practice. Examine a precise area or evaluate the complete dentition including the TMJs

Intelligent Low Dose and HD function

With the Intelligent Low Dose mode, you get 3D images in the dose range of a 2D X-ray. In HD mode (up to 1,400) individual images are captured during a single rotation and converted into a 3D volume with up to 80 μm for low-noise images in high resolution

Unique 2D DCS sensor with autofocus. Wide range of cephalometric programs

For exceptional panoramic images with high sharpness. You can choose an optional right or left cephalometric arm, which can be retrofitted at any time

Integration into large clinic and DSO networks

Through connectivity to PACS, RIS, DICOM Worklist and DICOM Printers. X-ray images according to the DICOM standard

Patient Positioning & Image Assistant concept

With EasyPad and autopositioner for high image quality, easy reproducibility and comfort for patient and assistant

Integrated cabinet with ambient light

For convenient storage of the bite block accessories, the intergrated cabinet has interior illumination and is in close reach of the operator

Smart height adjustment

For efficient workflows and reduced waiting times. The smart height adjustment automatically sets the unit to the individual patient height based on stored settings from previous visits

Gallery of 3D X-rays

Reliable Diagnosis vs. Radiation Dosage

When trying to capture a successful medical or dental X-ray there is an ongoing fundamental conflict. On the one hand, you want to do whatever it takes to acheive maximum image quality, on the other hand, the radiation dose should be as low as reasonably achievable for the patient. At Dentsply Sirona we are dedicated to offering products that ensure exceptional image quality while supporting safe and ethical practice. When developing our products, we observe the internationally valid ALARA principle (as low as reasonably achievable).

Intelligent Low Dose
Thanks to the optimized low dose mode with a dedicated filter, the imaging of dense structures, such as bones, is possible at a greatly reduced dose. This makes Intelligent Low Dose an attractive and efficient option for many clinical situations. Whether in orthodontics or implantology - with Dentsply Sirona solutions you will find the optimum setting for every case.

  • Indication based - 3D low dose is suitable for a variety of clinical situations
  • Dedicated filter - In contrast to conventional low dose approaches, Dentsply Sirona's Intelligent Low Dose not only lowers the mA but also applies a dedicated copper filter. This enables good visibility of dense structures (e.g. bone) despite the low dose
  • Minimize dose exposure: With the 3D low dose mode you get a 3D image in the dose range of a 2D X-ray

Direct Conversion Sensor (DCS): Elevate your Images

The Direct Conversion Sensor (DCS) has revolutionized the standard of panoramic imaging. X-rays are converted directly into electrical signals. Thus, there is no signal loss due to light conversion, as is the case with conventional systems. The result: images with a high level of sharpness and contrast – even at an extremely low radiation dose. For accurate diagnostic information to support targeted treatment.

The image below shows a panoramic X-ray without and with DCS technology. Using the arrow, drag the control across the image to see the difference the direct conversion sensor makes to the image quality and diagnostic possibilities.

Without Autofocus

Only some parts of the image are in focus, while other areas are blurred.

With Autofocus

The system detects the relevant areas from several thousand individual images in one cycle and automatically identifies the areas where the jaw is optimally positioned.

The result

Sharp images.

Award-Winning Design

Gallery of Cephalometric Images


The requirements follow those for image processing software Sidexis 4 and Axeos. For more details please see Sidexis 4 system requirements and Axeos installation requirements.

Dentsply Sirona 3D units work exclusively with Sidexis 4. Nevertheless data migration from Sidexis XG to Sidexis 4 is very easy. Sidexis 4 allows for the full digital experience with the latest tools.

Orthophos S 2D allows a 3D upgrade. Axeos is a dedicated hybrid unit. The Orthophos E does not offer this option.

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