Why choose Sidexis 4?

Integrated workflows create new opportunities for your practice

With Sidexis 4, you are fully equipped to integrate with planning softwares from third-party partners and Dentsply Sirona hardware solutions providing exceptional support for implantology, endodontics, sleep apnea and TMD treatment.

Best support for a comprehensive diagnosis with 2D/3D images

In the Sidexis 4 Lightbox you can compare all of your 2D, 3D, intraoral X-rays, intraoral camera images, digital impressions and face scans.

Modern design for intuitive use

A clear and easy-to-navigate software structure supports an efficient workflow, a small learning curve, and saves your team valuable time.

Continously evolving for the future

Frequent software version updates and optimizations ensure that Sidexis 4 will be equipped to integrate with the latest hardware and prepared for future support.

Seamless integration into your practice or clinic

Sidexis 4 can be easily integrated into your practice network. The software communicates with other hardware and software solutions from Dentsply Sirona or third-party manufacturers. It also connects with more than 250 practice management software products worldwide.

Sidexis Plugins and Tutorials

Sidexis Easy Backup (Dentacs Solution GmbH)

Probably the world's best backup solution for Sidexis.

Sidexis Plugins (RSWE)

Web portal for various SIDEXIS add-on products.

Sidexis Sync Services (RSWE)

This Sidexis application enables practices to synchronize their Sidexis 4 images and patient data across multiple dental offices in their practice nework. This creates one central access point for all of their clinical images, regardless of the location.

"The switch to Sidexis 4 was a quantum leap. It feels like switching from MS-DOS to Windows."

Dr. Ulrich Fürst, Attnang-Puchheim, Austria

Additional software features


The Sidexis 4 Timeline displays your patient history in chronological order using a visually dynamic and easy-to-navigate interface. This adds an intuitive time dimension to your diagnostic options.


Compare Function

The Compare function allows you the ability to evaluate several images at the same time. e.g., you can compare two panoramic images from two different time periods to better evaluate the patient’s healing or progression of the clinical situation.

3D Compare View
3D Compare Sagital View
3D Compare Axial View

System Requirements

The following aspects need to be clarified beforehand with the customer:

  • PC hardware
  • Devices put to practical use
  • Sidexis updates

For a complete list please see our systems requirements overview below.


Further downloads are provided within our Download Center.

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Sidexis 4 Viewer

Try it yourself! Download the Sidexis 4 Viewer and experience the many advantages of the award winning imaging software.

SLIDA - Become a preferred partner

To register your company as a preferred partner, please click the link and fill out our online form.


There are several options to get to know Sidexis 4 in more detail: first, there is of course an extensive user's guide also for Sidexis 4. It can either be loaded from within Sidexis 4 or can be downloaded from the website using the link "Manuals".

As of Sidexis 4 V 4.3, CEREC data in the form of STL data can be imported into Sidexis 4 and displayed both in the timeline and in the lightbox.

Yes, this is possible directly in the Sidexis 4 settings. If the value is set to <1s, the transition between the individual positions of the template only takes about five seconds. During this time you can move the sensor to the new position.

Yes, this is possible from version Sidexis 4 V 4.2 on. In the tool area at the top of Sidexis 4 you will find the template editor, which you can use to create individual templates according to your requirements.

No, this is not possible. However, you will get the same result if you open the already existing IO images in a lightbox. Simply adjust the images as needed and then save the complete lightbox as a session.

Sidexis 4 supports the following important DICOM standards:

  • DICOM Ex-/Import (DICOM RM) incl. DICOM Wrap & Go and Third-Party
  • DICOM Export, DICOM WLS (Worklist, for PACS connection), for DICOM PS see above.

In addition, Sidexis 4 stores all data directly DICOM-compliant. Find all DICOM documents here.

For the Dentsply Sirona cameras SiroCam 3, C, digital, F, AF, and AF+, a plugin which allows the camera to be integrated directly into Sidexis4 (video module). Still images can be automatically stored in the timeline.

Two alternatives are available for additional cameras not mentioned above:

  1. TWAIN: all cameras that have a TWAIN driver can be integrated into the recording phase of Sidexis 4.
  2. Directory Monitoring (Sidexis 4 function): If the camera is configured to store your images in any folder in the practice network, Sidexis 4 can import the images from there. This function is also very interesting if you work with with SLR cameras - especially if they can send the images directly to the monitored folder via WiFi.

Yes, this is possible and without any resulting issues. When Sidexis 4 is installed, the data is automatically migrated to the new database quickly and easily. Your X-ray data will remain unchanged. Then you can work directly with Sidexis 4 and see the images in the timeline.

The term “SLIDA-interface” is short for “Sidexis Link to Dental Applications”. In general, it means the included possibility of connecting Sidexis with other programs. For this to be possible, a SLIDA-conform counter piece needs to be included in the partner-software. As there are different functionality levels, we recommend the programmers among you to download the SLIDA documentation from this website.

Why is the SLIDA interface important for your dental practice?

SLIDA is an interface created by Dentsply Sirona to connect Sidexis 4 with your Practice Management Software (PMS) and other third-party software.

  • Your patient data is automatically synchronized with Sidexis 4, so there is no need to create patients manually. And if you change e.g. the name of a patient, it gets synchronized as well.
  • You can send a patient X-ray with just a single click in your PMS to Sidexis 4. Sidexis 4 will then automatically register this patient and sets your X-ray device so that it's ready for exposure.
  • Your PMS will receive a confirmation for your billing that a requested X-ray image has been taken.
  • Acquired 2D images can be transferred automatically to your PMS if you prefer to do your diagnosis there.

More than 200 Practice Management Systems worldwide are already connected to Sidexis 4 via the SLIDA interface.

Click here to find a list of all currently known SLIDA partners and to see if your PMS is among them.

For software developers: Become a preferred partner and receive the SLIDA SDK

To register your company as a preferred partner, please click the link and fill out our online form.

Once registered, you will get access to our "Preferred Partners Member Area" where you can download the SLIDA SDK, get featured on our preferred partner list, and receive a lot of useful information for developers about Sidexis 4.

Register my company >

SLIDA is available to all companies that want to connect their software to SIDEXIS or vice versa. Users can choose from a wide range of different options: patient data transfer, automatic patient selection, transfer of X-Ray orders, export of images to the relevant partner software.


If you have any questions, please contact Dentsply Sirona. Please also let us know when you have successfully connected your software to SLIDA. We will then be able to include you in our reference list.

No, you do not need special PCs. Currently commercially available PCs are completely sufficient in order to use Sidexis 4. If you already have older PCs that you are currently using in your practice, the prerequisites will be adjusted prior to installation.

Find further details here.

With the exception of ORTHOPHOS DS, PanElite and the Dentsply Sirona intraoral sensors, all digital Dentsply Sirona X-ray units are supported.

Yes, Sidexis can be connected via various interfaces (SLIDA, SIDIIN, SiTWAIN) to the most common practice managment softwares worldwide. Please refer to the Sidexis 4 technical documentation, as well as the documentation of your respective practice management software to set up the interfaces.

A list of known partners that can be connected to Sidexis 4 via SLIDA can be found here.

By now, we can provide 21 language versions: German, English, Spanish, Italian, French, Chinese (Taiwan), Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Dutch, Finish, Hungarian, Japanese, Korean, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Slovenian and Turkish.

Sidexis Easy Backup (Dentacs Solution GmbH)
Probably the world's best backup solution for Sidexis

Sidexis Plugins (RSWE)
Web portal for various SIDEXIS add-on products. For more information, see

Sidexis Sync Services (RSWE)
Sidexis application allows for synchronizing of Sidexis images and patient data between distributed dental office locations

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