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Lasers from Dentsply Sirona


Why choose our dental diode lasers?

Very versatile

If we compare the areas in which the various kinds of lasers can be used, it quickly becomes obvious that diode lasers cover the widest range of treatments.

Small & intuitive

Diode lasers are small, convenient and cost-effective devices which can be used flexibly and portably within your practice.


Treatment at and around the implant, for example uncovering the implant, decontamination, and making clear preparation margins for impressions and scans.


The diode laser can also be used to treat the gingival pocket in addition to conventional treatment: for example for germ and bacteria reduction in addition to conventional rinsing or for the reduction of granulation at the bottom of the pocket. The laser quickly achieves a good result here as well.


After preparing and rinsing the root canal, the laser is used in addition to conventional treatment. The laser effectively reduces germs and bacteria in areas a rinsing fluid can never reach.


The laser is used as an alternative to conventional treatment methods. Benefits in surgery include mostly blood-free incisions and a sterile surgical field. The patient has significantly less postoperative wound pain, needs often no antibiotics, and benefits from mostly scar-free healing.

CEREC/ prosthetics

Sulcus widening and/or hemostasis as preparation for impression taking.


Treatment of hypersensitivities.

SiroLaser Software Updates

SiroLaser Blue and SiroLaser Advance Plus

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SiroLaser Advance and SiroLaser Xtend

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“You should have for every general practitioner a laser in the clinic. This is like an ABC for the language. I cannot work without the laser and definitely after trying the blue laser (SiroLaser Blue) I cannot work without it.”

Prof. Dr. Ahmed Adel AbdelHakim, Egypt

How does a diode laser work?

The wavelength of a laser is a product of the medium with which the laser is generated – crystal, gas, or, as with diode lasers, a semiconductor. The applications for which a laser can be used depend on the wavelength which, in turn, determines the absorption, i.e., the reaction of the light with the tissue. That is, the laser’s energy is transferred to the tissue.

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