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Be able to download all scan data coming from Dentsply Sirona intraoral scanners into your lab CAD software by getting access to Connect Case Center.
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Why dental labs benefit from Primescan

Optimized workflows

Dentsply Sirona scan data helps you to increase the efficiency of your workflows and to turn work around faster – without compromising on the quality and accuracy of your restorations.

Wide range of services

The accurate scan data from Primescan is a great starting point for restorative applications and additional digital services, such as design and manufacturing options.

Business growth

Become visible to Primescan and Omnicam users worldwide via the Connect Case Center Inbox and receive orders from new and existing customers.

Practice-to-Lab workflows

Connect Case Center workflow

All your lab needs for secure receiving and processing of Dentsply Sirona intraoral scan data from the dental office is access to our digital transfer platform: Connect Case Center Inbox. Take advantage of the secure and anonymized reception of scan data and complete case information. In addition to the high level of documentation, you can communicate with your dentists and exchange notes in real time. Export the scan data to your lab CAD software such as exocad® or 3Shape Dental System to design and manufacture the dental application.

DS Core workflow 

There is even more to it: You can extend the collaboration with your partner lab and peers and benefit from higher efficiency through DS Core, a cloud storage and sharing solution that is regulatory compliant.

  • Data storage and back-up: Conveniently store different types of patient files in the cloud for additional backup.
  • Share and collaborate: Efficient collaboration with colleagues, specialists, and partners when using DS Core sharing functionality and its embedded intraoral scans and x-rays viewer.
  • One central platform:  Easily combine digital impressions and x-rays for any workflow in one library.
  • Accessibility: Convenient file access and download from different devices in the practice or from anywhere else.

"Working with scan data from Primescan and using Connect Case Center Inbox to tap into the largest database of digital dentists worldwide, are fantastic ways to grow your business."

Lino Adolf, dental technician, UK

How to import scan data into exocad® and 3Shape software

Dentsply Sirona intraoral scan data can be exported to any CAD lab software such as exocad® and 3Shape. Below you will find examples how easy the connection between Connect Case Center Inbox and your lab software is. After you have imported the scan data, proceed with your favorite design and manufacturing steps and benefit from easy integration in your existing CAD/CAM workflows.

Getting started in 3 steps

Registering as a Connect Lab is the first step toward growing your laboratory with Primescan.

1. Register your lab for the Connect Case Center – free of charge
Every practice equipped with a Dentsply Sirona intraoral scanner can choose you as a lab partner. You get access to the largest data base of digital dentists worldwide.


2. Get access to Connect Case Center Inbox
You are ready to download all scan data from Dentsply Sirona intraoral scanners into your lab CAD software. Contact your local Dentsply Sirona representative to get started with the software license.


3. Begin designing

You can seamlessly process data in your CAD software without compromising the existing digital workflow in place at your lab.

Real case files

Primescan delivers highly accurate scan data. This is the perfect starting point for high-quality restorations at the dental lab. Accurately capturing the clinical situation paves the way for first-rate prosthetic results from restorative applications to full arch implant work and splints within your existing proven workflows.

Download case files from real patients into your existing CAD software and witness Primescan's scan accuracy. The cases show a variety of indications from a single crown to an All-on-4.

Case files PLY format for exocad® or 3Shape

8 MB

Case files STL format

32 MB

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