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3D Imaging

More precise diagnoses, clearer explanations: 3D imaging has many benefits. Be it overlaid teeth, unexpected nerve channel paths, concealed roots, or temporomandibular joint anomalies, the value 3D images provide in diagnostics is unmeasurable.

3D Units

Orthophos SL 3D

The most versatile 2D/3D hybrid unit features revolutionary technology and patented positioning solutions. An optional ceph arm creates additional benefits, adding to the already broad range of offerings.

Orthophos S 3D

This wide-ranging hybrid X-ray unit offers a full range of capabilities for all the 2D and 3D tasks in your practice and creates an optimal workflow thanks to the flexible volume sizes and dose options.

Benefits at a Glance

The Orthophos SL 3D and Orthophos XG 3D share more than just similar names, both units are based on a proven successful hardware platform and software system. This gives you:

Efficient diagnostics thanks to exceptional image quality

Always following the ALARA principle, our 2D/3D hybrid solutions make sure that you can count on the image quality you need for the given indication at the lowest possible dose.

Keep your practice running reliably thanks to proven quality

Proudly "Made in Germany" quality and more than 100,000 units sold worldwide, we can say one thing for sure: Our Orthophos units stand for best-in-class reliability.

Reproducible results thanks to easy handling

Our innovative patient positioning systems constructed for increased stability, in addition to an intuitive control panel, have been designed to reduce the learning curve needed to comfortable integrate any of our units into your practice and to support your practice efficiency.

Broader practice offering with modern treatment solutions

Our smart treatment solutions are perfect companions for our x-ray units, giving you new possibilities for your practice offering, now and into the future.

Feature Highlights of our 2D/3D Hybrid Family:

Variety of volumes

Our fields of view have been developed to match your needs. Starting with a focused 5 cm x 5.5 cm FoV for endodontic or single implant cases up to 11 cm x 10 cm* for the complete dentition and upper airway analysis, you decide which volume is the right one for you.

*11 cm x 10 cm Orthophos SL only

No shine on MARS

Metal artifacts present a challenge for 3D imaging. With three-dimensional reconstruction, radiopaque objects create shadows and streaking effects on the X-ray image. This is especially true for patients with metal restorations, these artifacts make diagnostics more problematic. The MARS software (metal artifact reduction software) reduces metal artifacts in 3D images significantly. This improves the image quality substantially and renders diagnostics with less complication.  

High definition mode (HD)

At standard settings, Dentsply Sirona imaging units are set to SD (Standard definition) mode with a supreme balance of image quality and dose value for everyday practice life. For certain indications, i.e. visualization of fine root canals, high definition (HD) mode shows all necessary details at just the click of a button.

Patient positioning: The backbone of reproducable image quality 

Safe operation, easy positioning, high image quality – this best describes the Dentsply Sirona technology behind the occlusal bite block. The patented bite block technology automatically establishes the correct inclination of the patient's head, positioning the patient in the occlusal plane, partnering with the 3 point head fixation and firm handles to ensure stable positioning-limiting unnecessary correction scans. 

3D Imaging: Experience the Difference

3D technology is becoming increasingly well-established in dental practices around the world. For more precise diagnoses and treatment explanations, 3D X-rays offer a number of advantages. Whether with superimposed teeth, unexpected nerve canal paths, hidden roots, or temporomandibular joint anomalies, 3D images are invaluable for a large number of diagnoses.

With the Orthophos XG 3D and the Orthophos SL 3D from Dentsply Sirona, several hundred individual images are produced when taking a 3D X-ray in the space of just a few seconds. Using this data, the software generates a 3D image of the jaw area. The practitioner is then able to take a "virtual tour" of the scanned volume and assess the data from every dimension.

2D Panoramic Imaging: Revolutionary Technologies

Even though 3D X-rays are becoming increasingly established in a growing number of dental practices, in many cases 2D imaging still has a rightful place. This is largely due to radiation hygiene, which is a core component of modern dental diagnostics. In terms of improvements in image quality, the options available in 2D technology are far from exhausted. 2D X-ray devices from Dentsply Sirona score highly in daily handling, thanks to technical innovations for unparalleled sharp images and operation that leaves nothing to be desired.

Panoramic image quality is constantly evolving

To the left: 10 year old PAN image. To the right: DCS image taken with Orthophos SL

Cephalometric Imaging

Orthophos XG 3D and Orthophos SL 3D both offer the capability to install a cephalometric arm at any time. To be sure it fits in your X-ray room, the arm can be mounted either on the right side or left side of the unit. 

Ceph programs that cover all orthodontic needs

Using a dedicated sensor, you get lateral and symmetrical p.a. or a.p. as well as carpus images. In cases of displaced teeth, you can also fall back on the benefits of 3D X-rays to determine their exact location.

Technical Data

Performance features
Orthophos SL 3D Orthophos S 3D
X-ray generator
60 - 90 kV, 3-16mA 60 - 90 kV, 3-16mA
Panoramic exposure time
P1: max 14,2 s
P1 Quickshot: max 9,1 s 
P1: max 14,2 s
P1 Quickshot: max 9,1 s
Radiation time Ceph
Standard 9,4 s
Quickshot 4,7 s
Standard 9,4 s
Quickshot 4,7 s
User interface
EasyPad EasyPad
Patient positioning
automatic (occlusal bite block) 
automatic (occlusal bite block) 
Panorama technology
yes yes
Ceph arm (optional)
left or right left or right
Ceph unit with 2 sensors
Fields of View
5x5 to 8x8
5x5 to 11x10
5x5 to 8x8
5x5 to 11x10
3D Low Dose
HD mode
Wheelchair accessible
yes yes
Remote control
Ambient Light yes -


The requirements actually follow those for the image processing software, Sidexis 4. For more details please see Sidexis 4 system requirements.

The Orthophos SL works exclusively with Sidexis 4. Nevertheless data migration from Sidexis XG to Sidexis 4 is very easy. We recommend the swap to Sidexis 4 for the full digital experience with the latest tools.

The Orthophos SL 2D and the Orthophos S 2D allow a 3D upgrade. The Orthophos E does not offer this option.

The Orthophos Family

Find out more about our 3D, 2D and hybrid product range and download the Orthophos family brochure here.

Contact us for more information

Find out more about the imaging systems from Dentsply Sirona and request information on intraoral imaging, software or 2D and 3D imaging technology.