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How Does Primeprint Solution Work?

3D print, wash process, and light-cure with the Primeprint 3D printer and Primeprint PPU (post-processing unit).

Why choose the DS Primeprint Solution?

System components

3D print, wash process, and light-cure with the Primeprint 3D printer and Primeprint PPU (post-processing unit). Primeprint collaborates with software for automated print and post-processing, and extensive material management.


RFID Tagging

Primeprint and Primeprint PPU automatically detect the material, without contact, thanks to RFID technology. The cartridge, material unit, and washing containers are equipped with RFID tags for fast handling and predictive maintenance.

DLP Light Engine

Primeprint uses digital light processing (DLP) technology, where resins are polymerized using UV light. The light projector hardens the resin layer by layer to deliver highly accurate printing results.

Intelligent Material Management

For specific indications, Primeprint uses a distinct material. The cartridges are color-coded for easy, contactless handling and intuitive operation. Primeprint also offers complete UV light protection. Thanks to the RFID tag, Primeprint automatically checks the inserted cartridge and fill level.

Active Charcoal Filter

The integrated active coal filter makes an external suction device redundant.

Robot Arm

Inside of the printer and the PPU, a robot arm moves the build plate to the respective process step without any manual work on your part.

Fast Printing

Primeprint quickly prints what you need for an optimized workflow.

Exact Lifetime Tracking

By using RFID tags and intelligent material management, Primeprint can predict any required maintenance.

Aluminum Building Platform

The building platform is equipped with highly reflective aluminum to ensure a maximum level of light efficiency and allow only low light absorption. Printed objects are securely attached to the build plate and securely transported with the Primeprint Box.


"For us dentists, Primeprint turns 3D printing into an efficient application for everyday use, and that’s also great for my patients. The workflow is simplified end to end so I can get very good results.“

Mike Skramstad, DDS, USA

"I am more than enthusiastic about Primeprint, as it means 3D printing on a completely new level for our dental lab. The printer speed allows me to run multiple print jobs even during the day.”

Christian Schuchmann, Dental Technician, Germany

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Primeprint Solution is one of the first devices specifically built to integrate into the digital universe powered by DS Core. It connects many parts of the dental practice and dental lab across a vast array of procedures supported by an integrated cloud solution.

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*DS Core currently supports automatic upload for devices connected to Sidexis 4.3.1, CEREC SW 5.2.3 and Connect SW 5.2.3.