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Bring innovation to your practice with SiroLaser Advance Plus.

Why choose SiroLaser Advance Plus?

Improved bacterial reduction

The proven infrared 970-nm diode is used to reduce germ levels in periodontology and endodontics.

Intuitive handling

Touchscreen navigation, clear user prompt and self-explanatory menu icons

Immediate treatment

Pre-set programs for key applications, optional help menu for each pre-set program to assist less experienced users and sterile delivered disposable fibers

Individual Customization

24 programmable applications and user profiles with a personal access code

Versatile operation

Ergonomic handpiece with light-touch finger switch, battery-operated for greater portability and an additional 660 nm diode for photobiomodulation

Laser therapy

The SiroLaser Advance Plus covers many areas of photobiomodulation with its integrated soft laser, such as wound healing.

SiroLaser Software Updates

SiroLaser Blue and SiroLaser Advance Plus

Need a software update? Get more information on the SiroLaser Blue and SiroLaser Advance Plus Software Update.

"The 970-nm diode laser has significantly improved my day-to-day workflow efficiency in addition to having amazing treatment results every time."

Dental hygienist Joy Raskie, USA

Treatment options with SiroLaser Advance Plus

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