Why choose DAC Professional?


Complies with all relevant norms for legal certainty. A infection control hygiene standard is achieved in the practice. Reduced risk of contamination for patients. Documentation with printer or CF card (using a CF card reader) without additional documentation soft.


Compact solution with integrated fresh water and waste water tank. Simple installation as a standalone device. Easy to operate using the display. Easy handling minimizes operator errors.


A quick solution instead of slow tabletop sterilizers. Activated preheating for short operating times.


Sterilization (Quick program S) is possible in just 15 minutes (without drying). Activated preheating for short operating times. Integrated control of fresh water guarantees error-free operation and prevents damage to the instruments.

Process control

You can document all program cycles either with the MELAprint 44 printer or digitally with the MELAFlash CF card. DAC Professional not only gives you perfectly prepared instruments, it also gives you legal certainty.

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