Your comprehensive service and support solution

DS Core Care is a comprehensive technical service and support solution that protects your equipment. Thanks to the connection to DS Core, it goes beyond – enabling preventive and digital service capabilities.

Our market research shows that 96% of 3D printer owners and users highly value an integrated device service for their printers, considering it either a must-have or nice to have.1 It also shows 95% of laptop based scanner owners or intenders see services offered with the purchase, like extensions of the standard warranty of 1 year and replacement of the scanner as a nice to have.2

Dentsply Sirona offers a new, comprehensive service solution that combines products, services, and support to help you confidently and safely shape the future of your dental practice or lab. DS Core Care is an integrated technical service and support solution that protects your equipment. It enables you to save time and focus more on what matters most: your patients or high-quality lab service.

Support Solutions

With DS Core Care, you receive support from highly qualified experts who can provide an efficient service solution.


Why choose DS Core Care?

Quick & easy support

Fast Service Clarification powered by DS Core enables remote troubleshooting from highly qualified experts. And even if an on-site visit is still required, they can be prepared more efficiently – helping to eliminate unnecessary follow up.

An immediate solution

Get direct and easy access to up-to-date product information and workflow insights from Dentsply Sirona via our new Customer Support portal, available any time.

Saves you time

With DS Core Care, we help you to get the most out of your Dentsply Sirona devices and allow your equipment run reliably and efficiently – so you can focus on treating your patients or providing high-quality solutions for your lab customers.

Minimize downtime

The included preventive maintenance of your dental equipment helps minimize surprises and provides you financial planning ability and security.


DS Core Care prepares your practice and lab for the unexpected, helping to limit equipment downtime and unforeseen costs. Receive the support quickly and when you need it – to keep productivity high.

Quality of service

Benefit from premium products paired with high quality service expect and deserve. From spare part coverage, remote troubleshooting to regular maintenance – all done by trained service technicians.

Protect your Primescan Connect


Fast Service Clarification

With the connection to DS Core, you can benefit from remote, real-time, efficient troubleshooting, limiting unnecessary follow ups and saving your time.

Equipment supported by DS Core Care


"When buying equipment from a company, service is one of the most important and helpful attributes a company can provide. Dentsply Sirona and their partners offer unparalleled support with efficient service, parts, and a dedicated hotline that allows users to be successful and have comfort knowing their investment is well protected.”

Dr. Mike Skramstad, Dentist, USA

“For me, it is essential to know that I can rely on the equipment I invest in for a long period of time. But in a practice often the unforeseen can happen. This is why it is very reassuring to me that DS Core Care covers accidental damage and express replacement for my Primescan Connect so that I can focus on treating my patient.”

Dr. Meena Barsoum, Dentist, USA

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Service is subject to country availability and conditions. Please contact your local DS representative for more details. 

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