IMPORTANT: Do not install Version 4.4 as an update on your existing Sidexis 4 WITHOUT A NEW LICENSE for Version 4.4. Otherwise, your Sidexis 4 will not work anymore.

Please check system requirements before installation.

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Why is the SLIDA interface important for your dental practice?


SLIDA is an interface created by Dentsply Sirona to connect Sidexis 4 with your Practice Management Software (PMS) and other third-party software.

  • Your patient data is automatically synchronized with Sidexis 4, so there is no need to create patients manually. And if you change e.g. the name of a patient, it gets synchronized as well.
  • You can send a patient X-ray with just a single click in your PMS to Sidexis 4. Sidexis 4 will then automatically register this patient and sets your X-ray device so that it's ready for exposure.
  • Your PMS will receive a confirmation for your billing that a requested X-ray image has been taken.
  • Acquired 2D images can be transferred automatically to your PMS if you prefer to do your diagnosis there.

More than 200 Practice Management Systems worldwide are already connected to Sidexis 4 via the SLIDA interface.

Click here to find a list of all currently known SLIDA partners and to see if your PMS is among them.

For software developers: Become a preferred partner and receive the SLIDA SDK

To register your company as a preferred partner, please click the link and fill out our online form.

Once registered, you will get access to our "Preferred Partners Member Area" where you can download the SLIDA SDK, get featured on our preferred partner list, and receive a lot of useful information for developers about Sidexis 4.

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