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Motor BL/BL E and BL ISO C/E/F / BL Implant

With their 90–40,000 rpm speed range (depending on the combination of Dentsply Sirona motor and treatment unit: more details in the specifications) they always offer maximum torque. The microprocessors also provide quiet and stable operation at rapidly changing motor speeds. The BL/BL E and BL ISO C/E/F motors support the Apex function depending on the treatment unit.


With 200 to 40,000 revolutions per minute (rpm) the SL and SL ISO collector motors from Dentsply Sirona facilitate a broad range of applications. A quick yet soft Start/Stop characteristic protects the motor as well as the handpieces. The freely rotating hose prevents the Spin effect and the removable adapter of SL ISO can be sterilized. The SL motors are for Dentsply Sirona C range treatment centers.


Why choose our motors and drives?

Wide variety of applications

The constantly high torque is optimally adapted through electronic compensation to each work situation. The interfaces are very diverse with the Dentsply Sirona interface, ISO standard, INTRAmatic®, or INTRAmatic® Lux.

Two interfaces

Motor BL/BL E/SL for T1 Classic* as well as BL ISO C/E and SL ISO for the T1/T2/T3 Line and T2/T3 S-Line.


Always ergonomic

The contra-angle handpiece feels very well balanced in the hand, especially with the T1 Classic* with built-in BL/BL E/SL motor.

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