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Individual custom-made solutions

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Configuration of simulation units

Teaching should not be any different from circumstances in a dental practice. Based on our long-term expertise and knowledge, we develop simulation units that offer an overall concept tailored to your budget, existing equipment, space, teaching concept and design ideas.

There are almost endless possibilities to configure a simulation unit. Sim Intego and Sim Multibench are examples for two multi-functional solutions that allow a flexible setup to teach every discipline of dental technology.

Dentist Element

Our simulation units can be equipped with different kinds of dentist elements depending on the required functionalities as well as space conditions.

  • Ergonomic design with flexibly positionable arm
  • Fully fledged with up to 5+1 instruments including high speed and low speed handpieces, scaler and intra-oral camera
  • With the choice of two different user interfaces: key pad or touchscreen
  • Integrated endo functionality

Assistant Element

Our simulation units can be equipped with different kinds of assistant elements depending on the required functionalities as well as space conditions.
Choose between:

  • Fully-fledged assistant element on separate support arm with up to 4 instrument trays (syringe, LED curing light, HVE, saliva ejector, intraoral camera) and user interface (key pad)
  • Hangers for high volume ejector and/or saliva ejector

Foot Control

Choose between:

  • Pneumatic foot control: The disc gas pedal starts/stops the instruments.
  • Electric foot control: With the electric foot control the speed and intensity of the instruments can additionally be controlled. The height of the patient simulator position can also be adjusted using the foot control.
  • 4-way foot switch: If the height of the patient simulator is adjusted by a motor, it can also be activated by a 4-way foot switch.

All versions are attached to the center of the junction box making it suitable for left and right-handed users.

Treatment Lights

Three different models of treatment lights are available to choose from. Both work with LED technology and they are fully-fledged treatment lights like those used in patient treatment. In addition, there is also the option of an exclusive laboratory lamp.

LED view Plus

  • Light intensity: Up to 40,000 lx in 7 steps
  • Color temperature: 4,600 - 6,200 K in 3 steps
  • Composite mode: in accordance with ISO 9680:2014

LED light Plus

  • Light intensity: Up to 30,000 intensity lx in 5 steps
  • Color temperature: 5,000 K
  • Composite mode: in accordance with ISO 9680:2014

Laboratory lamp

  • Light intensity: 50,000 lx
  • Color temperature: 4,000 K

Dental Technology

The simulation unit can be extended with further optional dental add-ons to carry out interdisciplinary courses teaching also prosthetic dentistry:

  • Motor and handpiece for dental technology: Integrated into the simulation unit to carry out work in dental technology
  • Dry grinding: The protective disk and dry suction system prevent unhealthy dust from being inhaled
  • Wet grinding: A basin built into the benchtop and a wet suction system allow practitioners to work without a spray mist
  • Bunsen burner/Induction heating unit: For waxing up exercises

Classroom Layout Options

The simulation units can be set up in different layouts depending on the space conditions and the preferred teaching concepts. Possible layouts are:

  • In rows
  • Standalone
  • Double chair
  • Clusters
  • Combination workplace with a treatment center
  • Clusters (star‐shape)

Additional configurable elements

Individual solutions Made in Germany

With Dentsply Sirona every simulation unit is customized to fit your functional requirements and spatial conditions as well as your budget. When it comes to designing your individual simulation units, we leave nothing to chance. We accompany you step by step during the planning and design process from the initial idea to implementation. You benefit from our international experience in a variety of university projects. For us, "Made in Germany" stands for quality and customer satisfaction.


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