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Elevate Your Practice With Digital Workflows

From restorations and endodontics to orthodontics and implants, Dentsply Sirona’s five Signature Workflows unite proven products, solutions, and technologies to enhance every aspect of dentistry. Each DS Signature Workflow is powered by DS Core—the all-in-one, secure, cloud-based platform that allows you to file share and collaborate digitally from anywhere using a centralized patient record.

The Top Benefits of a Digital Workflow for Dentistry


A Complete Treatment Solution for You and Your Patients

Dentsply Sirona’s Signature Workflows refer to the use of technology in dental practices to streamline and optimize various processes. This includes digitizing traditional manual processes and techniques such as charting, diagnosis, treatment planning, and patient communication.

Treatment categories

A Workflow for Every Patient Treatment Journey

No matter how complex the patient cases, we are with you every step of the way. Our Signature Workflows cover major treatment categories like: Direct Restorative, Indirect Restorative, Endodontics, Implants, and Clear Aligners. These workflows give you the tools, technology, and know-how to provide exceptional patient experiences and bring your practice to the next level.

Tooth Preservation

Tooth Replacement

Tooth Movement



Here are some common questions and answers regarding DS Signature Workflows:

DS Signature Workflows refer to using DS Core technology in dental practices to streamline and optimize various dental treatment and workflow processes, such as charting, diagnosis, treatment planning, and patient communication.

Benefits of digital workflows in dentistry include improved accuracy and efficiency, better communication between dentists and patients, and overall enhancement of the quality of dental care, productivity, and patient experience.

Our digital workflows improve accuracy and efficiency by digitizing traditional manual processes such as charting to integrate with diagnostic tools such as digital X-rays and 3D scans while providing a more detailed approach to precise diagnoses and treatment planning.

These digitized workflows powered by DS Core are designed to improve patient communications, allow effortless information sharing, and offer a more interactive and engaging patient experience.

While it is not necessary to have a digital workflow in place, it can provide numerous benefits in improving the quality of dental care, increasing productivity, and enhancing the patient experience. Refer to the benefits of DS Signature Workflows for more information.

1. May not be available in all markets.