Global Clinical Case Contest Finale 2021 Online Webcast – Video Summary

The Global Final of the Dentsply Sirona Global Clinical Case Contest has been held as live online webcast event on June 24, 2021. 390 students have been working hard to perform clinical aesthetic treatments with the Dentsply Sirona product portfolio. Watch now the short video summary with our top 13 finalists which have presented their awesome clinical cases in front of our judging panel to determine the top three global winners. 

Congratulations to the Winners of the GCCC 2022-2023 | Dentsply Sirona

Previous Winner Universities

Contest Overview

GCCC Rules

  • Participant must be a dental student enrolled in a college or university at the time of entering the contest
  • Each student can only submit one clinical case (either direct or indirect clinical restoration).
  • Each clinical case can only be completed and submitted by one student and not by a group of students.
  • Each student can participate only once in the GCCC. Repeated participation is excluded. 
  • Direct as well as indirect restorations created chairside using the CAD/CAM workflow are eligible for entering the contest. It is allowed to treat several teeth.
  • Non Dentsply Sirona scanners and CAD/CAM milling units are acceptable.
  • Participant registration form, case poster and Global Final presentation of national resp. regional winners must be submitted no later than May 15th, 2025 to your local Dentsply Sirona representative.
  • Participant form must be co-signed by the student’s tutor or department head.
  • Dentsply Sirona receives the copyright of the case study, as soon as the case is sent in for participation.
  • National resp. regional winners agree to write a case report.
  • A minimum of 3 student cases are required per region/nation per category to name a regional/national winner.
  • If the region or country does not have a minimum number of cases for each category, (direct and indirect), the cases may be combined into a single category for judging and the 1st place winner of the combined category advances to stage 2.
  • Only 1 finalist per region or nation per category, respectively, enters the Global Final
  • National winners from countries that are defined as part of a Region will NOT be accepted for the Global Final. For a list of Regional and National Finals please see the GCCC brochure.
  • Spoken and presentation language at the Global Final is English. Language skills are not subject to scoring.
  • Privacy Policy ( is accepted.
  • Due to data protection reasons the student is obliged to obtain the “Patient Consent Form” (separate document). This form remains with the student.


Case Poster

  • Cases must be submitted through the Dentsply Sirona standardized power point template and provided in English language.
  • All cases must feature the Dentsply Sirona restorative product range (minimum requirement is the use of Dentsply Sirona adhesive and composite).
  • Up to 10 pictures per case to present the correct use of Dentsply Sirona products used.
  • A legend describing each photograph and documenting all materials used must be included.
  • Only one picture for one description/step is permitted.
  • Use of digital image editing software to change the content is not allowed.
  • Use of rubber dam is recommended.
  • For all regional/national winner cases, the original pictures will be required in high resolution, 300 dpi.
  • All entries must be submitted electronically.

Clinical Cases and Materials used


Clinical anterior or posterior restorations are placed using the entire Dentsply Sirona restorative product line. All entries must be submitted electronically, photo documented and accompanied by text, and submitted in a standardized format provided by Dentsply Sirona. All Dentsply Sirona products, required for fabricating cases, are available free of charge to participants. Direct as well as indirect restorations created chairside using the CAD/CAM workflow are eligible for entering the contest. It is allowed to treat several teeth.

For further information, or to register for the Dentsply Sirona GCCC please contact your local Dentsply Sirona organization.

National/regional winners will receive a prize, which varies from country to country.

In the Global Final, the top three contestants will be presented with an award.

Case Gallery


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