Preliminary program

Dr. Michael Norton – Join us where science began

Registration fees



The registration fee includes the Welcome Reception on Thursday June 8, admission to the scientific program and exhibition, lunch and coffee breaks on Friday and Saturday, June 9-10.

Additional fees:

  • Master classes on Thursday afternoon, June 8 (hands-on/lectures 75-125 EUR)
  • Ticket to the Friday evening event* on June 9 (150 EUR)
    One extra ticket per attendee can be purchased for guests over 18 years. 

*Transportation, food & beverages included in ticket fee.


All prices are excluding 24 % Greek VAT.

Payments will be possible by debit/credit card, and by invoice*.
*Invoicing possible until April 28, final payment via invoice must be accounted for by May 5.


Early bird,
   until March 19    



      Master Classes       


630 EUR

700 EUR

150 EUR

Lecture 75 EUR

Hands-on 125 EUR

     Lab Technician     

540 EUR

600 EUR

150 EUR

Lecture 75 EUR

Hands-on 125 EUR


360 EUR

400 EUR

150 EUR

Lecture 75 EUR

Hands-on 125 EUR


360 EUR

400 EUR

150 EUR

Lecture 75 EUR

Hands-on 125 EUR

Scientific Chairs

Two of the most prominent industry voices - Tara Aghaloo and Michael Norton - are joining the Implant Solutions World Summit as Scientific Chairs.

  They are joined by five Program Chairs


Implant Solutions World Summit 2023 is proud to feature renowned international and regional speakers and moderators that are committed to the latest research, innovations and clinical data in their area of expertise.

Tara Aghaloo, USA

 Taite Anderson, USA

 Christopher Barwacz, USA 

 Anthony Bendkowski, UK

 Veronique Benhamou, Canada

 Kristina Bertl, Sweden

 Daniel Butterman, USA

 Steven Campbell, UK

 Dimitris Charoulis, Greece

 Ernest Cholakis, Canada

 Lyndon Cooper, USA

 Giuseppe Daprile, Italy

 Marco Degidi, Italy

 Emma Ekenstråle, Sweden

 Peter Gehrke, Germany

 Barry Goldenberg, USA

 Matija Gorjanc, Slovenia

Malene Hallund, Denmark

 Thomas Hanser, Germany

 Pablo Hess, Germany

 Gary Jones, USA

 Mischa Krebs, Germany

 Mark Ludlow, USA

 Phoebus Madianos, Greece

 Mark Montana, USA

 Nadja Naenni, Switzerland

 Rodrigo Neiva, USA

 Michael Norton, UK

 Robert Nölken, Germany

 Eimear O’Connell, UK

 Puria Parvini, Germany

 Michele Perelli, Italy

 Oliver Pin-Harry, Canada

 Marc Quirynen, Belgium

 Ausra Ramanauskaite, Germany

 Mariano Sanz, Spain

 Todd Scheyer, USA

 Douglas Smail, USA

 Alwin Sokolowski, USA

 Clark Stanford, USA

 Andy Temmerman, Belgium

 Daniel Thoma, Switzerland

 Marco Toia, Italy

 Georgia Trimpou, Germany

 Jeremy Ueno, USA

 Stefan Vandeweghe, Belgium

 Stijn Vervaeke, Belgium

 Martin Wanendeya, UK

 Paul Weigl, Germany

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