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Implantology Module inLab CAD Software

Sophisticated prosthetics

Custom abutments, screw-retained bridges and bars, surgical guides. The inLab Software Implantology Module includes all the necessary CAD tools and features for custom restorations on single and multiple implants and for the design of complete surgical guides. For the seamless transfer to the inLab MC X5 and inLab MC XL production units or, alternatively for export to Dentsply Sirona’s central production or other production systems.

Software features include:

Implant level screw-retained bridges and bars

Screw-retained bridges and bars on multi-unit abutments*

Custom Abutments (zirconia or titanium)

Surgical guides (integrated implantology)

Superstructure construction

For more flexibility, the tooth setup and implant superstructure can be designed separately. Teeth can be positioned independently of the implant situation, according to the bite situation and the aesthetics of the case.

Screw-channel tool

The screw-channel tool can be used to generate hole geometries like those for screw access channels. The channels can be freely positioned, and their angle and diameter can be adjusted as required. A handy tool to create, for example, extended directly screw-retained restorations on scanned standard abutments.

Directly screw-retained bridges and bars with implant connections1

Implant-supported bridges and bars can be professionally designed at implant level based on highly accurate inEos X5 scan data. The inLab CAD Software guides operators through the design process one step at a time. The design data set can be sent to infiniDent or as provided as STL export via the inLab Interfaces module for the production using an appropriate CAD/CAM production unit. Alternatively, inEos X5 scan data can also be transmitted to Atlantis™ for further design and finalization steps.

Overview of implant systems for screw retained bridges and bars

> Download PDF

Screw-retained bridges and bars on multi-unit abutments

For in-house production with, e.g., the inLab MC X5 (zirconia or PMMA), directly screw-retained bridges or bars on multi-unit abutments from nt-trading and Medentika are designed with inLab CAD Software. The model scanner inEos X5 determines the exact implant position, using the special inPost scanbody by Dentsply Sirona.

Variability downloads

Compatibility overview - inPost nt-trading

inPost compatibility overview for scanning on multi-unit abutments from nt-trading

Compatibility overview - inPost Medentika

inPost compatibility overview for scanning on multi-unit abutments from Medentika

Custom abutments on Sirona TiBase 

(Adhesive base)

Custom zirconia abutments for adhesive connection to TiBase by Dentsply Sirona (CAD/CAM) are designed either directly or top-down, the fully contoured designs can be split into crown or crown coping and abutment.

Titanium ingots (solid titanium) 

It is now possible for the first time with inLab to produce custom one-piece titanium abutments with the inLab MC X5 and Medentika Preface blanks. 

Surgical guides for integrated implantology

With inLab CAD Software, you can design and produce custom surgical guides in your laboratory, quickly and at low cost. Part of the integrated implant planning with the 3D X-ray systems from Dentsply Sirona, the CAD/CAM surgical guide is the ideal basis for planning the surgical procedure.

A prerequisite is an optical impression of the intraoral situation, taken on the working cast (e.g., with the inEos X5) or by way of a digital intraoral impression. In addition, a restoration is designed for implant planning based on prosthetic aspects. These optical data are then exported.*

The optical data are merged with the 3D X-ray data (Orthophos SL 3D, XG 3D, or Galileos) for subsequent implant planning and output as *.cmg.dxd planning file.

The *.cmg.dxd planning file is imported into the inLab CAD software to design the surgical guide.* The design of the surgical guide can be customized for any span size with one or more drill holes.

The surgical guide can then be milled in-house (e.g. with the inLab MC X5 or inLab MC XL**) or by way of an STL export for production with a 3D printer.***

1  Medentika® or nt-trading

* The required interface is included in the inLab CAD Software Implantology Module.

** inLab MC XL is limited to drilling surgical guides with a maximum of one drill hole.

*** inLab CAD Software Interface Module required. 

Technical documentation

Here you will find available safety data sheets for inLab products.

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