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Production inLab CAM Software

Software for efficient production processes

Two devices — one perfect workflow: The inLab CAM software has been specially developed for the Dentsply Sirona inLab MC X5 and inLab MC XL milling units. All essential process steps, system configurations and integrated service functions can be carried out quickly and easily via the user-friendly interface. In addition, the software provides the quality management of a dental laboratory with a valuable documentation tool that stores all essential information on job history, workpieces produced, and materials used.


STL import of restoration data

User friendly

Quick and intuitive use


Information on job status, fabricated elements and materials

Further advantages of the inLab CAM Software

Immediate milling start after order setup

No waiting for milling paths to be calculated

Graphical tool and process start management

With an easy-to-grasp display of workpieces, tools and service hours, required magazines, etc.

inCoris disc management via QR codes

One-time webcam scan for the automated acquisition of materials data — disc names, colors, heights, lots, sintering contraction and other information in the CAM software's workpiece overview

inLab CAM SW 18.0 – for convenient and precise processing

Multijob workflow

Operate several machines simultaneously from one software. Maximize your output with optimal use of resources.

Start processing immediately

Save time due to innovative milling and grinding calculations. Start the fabrication process immediately after entering the order. No waiting for milling paths to be calculated.

Extensive positioning functions

Place your work precisely in discs and blocks. Use the automatic functions auto-positioning, blank height optimization or sinter support calculation. You can also define the object position individually.

inLab MC X5 multi-block management

Position up to six blocks of different materials in one order. inLab CAM supports you with the automatic block size proposal and thus optimizes the use of materials and processing times. Zirconium oxide blocks can also be milled!

Individual milling and grinding strategies

Material-specific milling and grinding strategies for occlusal and internal finishing details, surface quality, or width reduction of sprues.

Machine and tool management

Individual determination of levels of detail for different production modes (number of process steps, path distances, and processing speeds). Touch-optimized operating functions via tablet PC.

Efficient management of orders and materials

With inLab CAM you have all information readily available on all machines to create, load and manage orders and materials – in the form of discs or blocks.

Nesting and stacking

Optimal efficiency is achieved with inLab CAM for each material type. For example mill several restorations from one glass or hybrid ceramic block on inLab MC XL with special stacking functions. Alternatively use the nesting function for milling zirconium oxide, polymers, metals or composites on the MC X5 or MC XL.

NEW: Archive function

Produced restorations and used blanks can be moved into the archive manually or by an automatic process.

NEW: Reuse material

In case the production of a restoration gets interrupted for any reason but the restoration is set as milled, two options are available:

1. „revive“ the restoration
The restoration can be produced again at the exact same position.

2. „remove from blank“ to restore the used area in the disk

Open for STL imported data

  • XML-based STL import of restoration data from 3Shape (* .3ox) and exocad (*.constructioninfo) covering essential element data such as restoration type, preparation lines, insertion paths, screw access channels, tooth numbers, etc.
  • Advanced STL indication range, including the import of complex designs, complete with semi-automatic screw access channel detection and manual preparation line editing
  •  Clean preview and easy data entry

inLab CAM SW 18.0 – Update description

In this overview you'll find all the features that are available to you with the inLab CAM Software 18.0.

Digital inhouse production

inLab CAM Software

Next level digital processing.

inLab MC XL

Open for precision and speed.

inLab MC X5

Greater freedom.

inFire HTC speed

The fast 2-in-1 sintering furnace – designed to work optimally with the inLab system.


The compact 2-in-1 sintering furnace.

Software downloads

View all software downloads for the inLab system.

inLab: Dental lab freedom of choice

CAD/CAM with inLab – that means freedom of choice in scanning, design and production. Download our brochure here.