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Production inLab MC X5

Freedom of processing for dental technicians

The inLab MC X5 was designed as a universal five-axis production unit to meet dental laboratory requirements for cost-efficient production. Dentsply Sirona offers your laboratory more independence in terms of material and indications as well as the processing of external CAD data.


Wet/dry production unit for ceramic, polymers and metal


High-end block and blank control with 5-axis machining


Simple, fast change of materials and tools

Large variety of materials

The inLab MC X5 is a universal production unit for processing zirconia, polymers, composites, wax and sintering metal, as well as glass and hybrid ceramics. The dental laboratory essentially has a free choice of materials. Choose among Dentsply Sirona's own brand of CAD/CAM materials and a great variety of CAD/CAM material partners for high-quality materials to which the inLab MC X5 processes were specifically adapted.


Material partners

Broad range of indications

The range of applications for the inLab MC X5 continues to grow, allowing the dental laboratory an ever more productive use of its capital investment. Different processed disk heights and working angles provide flexibility in the production of implant-supported restorations with highly divergent screw channel axes or preparation angles.


The inLab MC X5 is an open production unit. It is the perfect complement to the inLab components inEos X5 and inLab software but can also be used to process other STL restoration data, including implant-supported restorations with screw access channels. Having its own CAM module, the unit can be connected flexibly to other CAD systems.

inLab MC X5 product video

inLab MC X5 – the production unit for efficiency from A- Z

Discs & blocks

The inLab MC X5 processes standard discs (ø 98.5 mm, up to 30 mm thick*) and blocks in a single machine. Changing from discs to blocks takes just a few seconds. The special multi-block holder can accommodate up to six blocks of various materials, offering maximum productivity even with multiple single-tooth restorations.

*Requires inLab CAM SW 16.1 service pack or higher

Grinding & milling / Wet or dry

The inLab MC X5 can be used for dry or wet production depending on the material and indication Thirty years of experience in the wet processing of glass ceramics make this the ultimate professional machine for the wet grinding of fully contoured restorations from final-strength monolithic materials. Alternating between wet and dry production, e.g., from glass ceramics to zirconia, is fast and uncomplicated.

Metal processing

A clean and safe alternative to conventional casting is milling NPM sintering metal blanks with the inLab MC X5 based on digital restoration data. New: The inLab MC X5 is capable of milling one-piece custom titanium abutments made of prefabricated Medentika PreFaces® abutment preforms – directly in the dental laboratory.

User cases: Metal processing with inLab MC X5

User Case

Processing of NPM sintering metal with inLab MC X5

User Case

Production of titanium abutments with inLab MC X5

The right tool for every application

Superb tool-changing concept

The fully automated tool changer accepts up to six tools per process. The tool magazine is specific to the material prepared and managed in the inLab CAM software. The intelligent sister tool management optimizes the tools’ service life and reduces downtime. For additional ease of use and user safety, the material classes employ a consistent color code on tools, tool magazines, the CAM software, and the inCoris discs from Dentsply Sirona.

Material-specific tools

Depending on whether it is for wet or dry processing, different tools are used. The cutting geometries and coatings of the diamond grinders and carbide cutters are have been optimized for different indications and materials and provide for outstanding surface results and margins. The coated zirconia milling cutters have a significantly longer service life compared to uncoated cutters and achieve smoother surfaces.

Grinder for glass and hybrid ceramics

Diamond-coated burs for zirconia

Burs for PMMA, wax, PEEK

Burs for composite resin

Burs for sintering metal

Burs for titanium

Spindle Touch technology

The unique inLab MC X5 technology is able to capture the position of blocks with the utmost precision to make the most economical use of materials. Mesoblocs and prefabricated titanium abutment ingots are machined efficiently.

Easy Clean Concept

The high-quality interior design of inLab MC X5 includes smooth surfaces and rounded contours. This reduces deposit amounts making the machine easy to clean. The intelligent suction concept, coverable tool magazine and software-supported cleaning system are all designed to make your work easier.

Attractive design

The high-quality design of the inLab MC X5 with its smooth surfaces and flowing edges is impressive and discourages staining. The simple, software-assisted cleaning feature is complemented by an intelligent suction concept and a concealable tool magazine. Its modern technical design and sturdy construction is a real eye-catcher in the dental laboratory.

Convenience with Touch Remote Control

The program steps and menus relevant to operation are arranged such as to minimize the number of taps. The entire range of CAM software functions for machine operation can be accessed comfortably directly at the machine, on a tablet PC, complete with tool management, machine configuration, process initiation, service functions, etc.

User testimonials

Technical data

General inLab MC X5 inLab MC XL
Width 590 mm 700 mm
Height 810 mm 425 mm
Depth 580 mm 420 mm
Weight 87 kg 43 kg
Required compressed air pressure min. 7bar
Required compressed air quality min. 50 l/min*
Noise level <63dba <65dba
Axes 5 4
Angle of incidence for A axis 360° +/- 180°
Angle of incidence for B axis +/-20°** 15°
Material Types  
Zirconium oxide x x
PMMA x x
Wax x
Composite x x
Hybrid ceramics x x
Glass ceramics (with wet option) x x
Lithium disilicate ceramics (with wet option) x x
CoCr sintered x x
Titan Preforms x
Material Forms    
Blocks 40 x 19 x 12 mm 85 x 40 x 22 mm
Max number of blocks per process 6 1
Discs (Form) 98/98,5mm with collar
Discs (Height) up to 30mm****
Material openness Yes Not explicit
Tool Management    
Automatic tool changing Yes No
Max number of tools per process 6 2(4)
Changeable tool magazine controlled in SW Yes No
Indications (inLab CAD)^1    
Veneers x x
Inlays x x
Onlays x x
Crowns x x
Copings x x
Bridge frameworks x x
Bridges x x
Full-jaw bridges x
Telescopes x x
Attachments x x
Abutments, milled from meso blocks x x
Abutments, milled from disks x
Implant bridges x
Bars x x
Splints x
Surgical guide (single) x x
Surgical guide (mulitple) x
Models x

* 80l/min. is recommended

** 30° will be available soon.

*** Coming soon.

**** 30 mm will be available soon.

^1 For processing restorations from an STL/XML import, a limited indication spectrum applies.

Technical documentation

Here you will find available safety data sheets for inLab products.

Digital inhouse production

inLab CAM Software

Next level digital processing.

inLab MC XL

Open for precision and speed.

inLab MC X5

Greater freedom.

inFire HTC speed

The fast 2-in-1 sintering furnace – designed to work optimally with the inLab system.


The compact 2-in-1 sintering furnace.

Software downloads

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inLab: Dental lab freedom of choice

CAD/CAM with inLab – that means freedom of choice in scanning, design and production. Download our brochure here.