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2D X-ray units Orthophos XG 5

Wide variety for perfect results

Simple operation and variable features: Orthophos XG 5 is the solution for general dentists and orthodontists. With more programs than the Orthophos XG 3, it offers even more diagnostic options. The horizontally and veritcally reduced pediatric panoramic program offers outstanding image quality with the lowest dose. Ideal for practices which treat a lot of children.

Orthophos XG 5 is supplied with the imaging software Sidexis for better, faster and safer diagnostics.

Your benefits at a glance

The relevant solution for general dentists and orthodontists

Striking image quality with CsI and ASTRA suits your diagnosis

Sophisticated diagnostic options at your fingertips for endodontics, periodontics, implantology, orthodontics and surgery.

Perfectly prepared for pediatric cases

The horizontally and vertically reduced pediatric panoramic program offers outstanding image quality with a minimal dose and a optional cephalometric arm offers all key views for orthodontics.

All the digital advantages at great value for money

Great image quality that is instantly accesible, easy data handling and image diagnosis via Sidexis 4 and great patient communication with Sidexis iX - with Orthophos XG 5 you get all the digital advantages for your practice at low costs.

Investment security based on tried and tested quality

With Orthophos XG 5 you know what to expect: proven "Made in Germany" quality installed in thousands of practices worldwide.

The program variety of the Orthophos XG 5 offers numerous advantages. Whether a cephalometric and panoramic program or even sinus and bitewing images, together with the digital tools, new and better diagnostic options are made available.

Dr. Dr. Peter Gebhardt, oral and maxillofacial surgeon, Heppenheim, Germany

Patient positioning: Great images thanks to reliable patient immobilization

Only 2 light localizers are required for ideal positioning in the sharp slice. The motorized forehead and temple supports fixate the patient's head and prevent motion blurring.

Highlight features


The ASTRA software algorithm considerably improves the quality of 2D panoramic and Ceph images.


The best image quality at the lowest possible dose - following the ALARA principle.

2D panoramic imaging: revolutionary technologies

Even though 3D X-rays are increasingly becoming established in a growing number of dental practices, in many cases 2D imaging still has a rightful place, to a great extent due to radiation hygiene. It is a core component of modern dental diagnostics. In terms of improvements in image quality, the options available in 2D technology are far from exhausted.

The Orthophos XG 5 combines a premium "Made in Germany" tubehead (0.5 mm focal spot) with a CsI sensor (0.027 mm pixel size) to generate the sharpness and clarity needed for your clinical tasks. The innovative ASTRA software algorithm significantly improves the quality of 2D panoramic and Ceph images by minimizing black margins around metal fillings and getting rid of exzessive contrast that could lead to i.e. missdiagnosis of caries.

Cephalometric imaging

Orthophos XG 3D offers the capability to install a cephalometric arm at any time. And to be sure it fits in your x-ray room, the arm can be mounted either on the right side or left side of the unit. 

Ceph programs that cover all orthodontic needs

Using a dedicated sensor, you get lateral and symmetrical p.a. or a.p. as well as carpus images. In cases of displaced teeth, you can also fall back on the benefits of 3D x-rays to determine their exact location.

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Sidexis 4 imaging software

Sidexis 4 is pure imaging efficiency, combining a modern design with features and tools that will have you wondering how you ever worked without it before.

Sidexis iX

Access to digital imagery does not get any simpler. All your images will be within reach on your iPad, thanks to Sidexis iX.


The requirements actually follow those for the image processing software, Sidexis. Details on can be found under Sidexis 4 System Requirements.

No, you do not have to switch. Orthophos XG 5 works with both Sidexis XG and Sidexis 4. But for a better user experience, we recommend to install Sidexis 4, data migration from Sidexis XG to Sidexis 4 being very easy.

No, Orthophos XG 5 does not allow for a 3D upgrade. If 3D imaging might be useful for your diagnoses in the future, we recommend that you consider the unit Orthophos XG 3D ready.

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Dentsply Sirona has developed a full family of integrated solutions to improve your diagnostics and optimize your workflow.

Other models of 2D units

Orthophos SL 2D, Orthophos XG 3D ready and Orthophos XG 3

2D/3D hybrid units

Orthophos SL 3D, Orthophos XG 3D

Sidexis 4 imaging software

The new gold standard

About Dentsply Sirona Imaging

What makes Dentsply Sirona the global leader in dental imaging systems?

Technical Data

Overview chart

2D unit Orthophos XG 5
  [P1] - Standard panorama with orthoradial beam direction
[P1L]  [P1R] - Standard panorama half-sides left and right, e.g. for test exposures
[P1C] - Panorama with a constant magnification of 1.25. For lenght measurements using a reference object
[P1A] - Panorama with artifact reduction. For patients with numerous metal fillings
[P10] Pediatric panorama with beam field reduced in height and lenght to reduce the radiation dose
[P12] Thick slice in the anterior tooth region, e.g., for extreme anomalies
[P20] Panoramic radiography without ascending rami, e.g. for treating children
[S1] Sinus program for the imaging of paranasal sinuses
[MS1] Multislice in the posterior tooth region for determining the position of displaced molars
[TM1.1 / TM1.2] - Lateral temporomandibular joint with closed or open occlusion. For functional diagnostics
[BW1] Bitewing exposure for the posterior tooth region
[BW10] Bitewing program, e.g. as a replacement for intraoral images (patients with pharyngeal reflex)
  Optional - [C1] Posterior-anterior exposure
Optional - [C2] Anterior-posterior exposure
Optional - [C3] Lateral exposure
Optional - [C4] Carpus images
X-ray generator 60-90 kV; 3-16 mA
Focal spot size acc. to IEC 60336 0.5 mm
Total filtration acc. to IEC 60522
> 2.5 mm Al
2D Imaging
Sensor Digital CCD line sensor, repluggable
Active sensor area 138 x 6.48 mm
Pixel size 27 μm
Focus-sensor distance 530 mm
Ceph Imaging (optional)  
Sensor Digital line sensor with CCD technology, repluggable
Active sensor area 230 x 6.48 mm
Pixel size 27 μm
Focus-sensor distance 1,714 mm
General information
Country of Origin Made in Germany. Made by Dentsply Sirona.
Dimensions (D x W x H) No ceph: 1.411 x 1.28 x 2.25 m / 5'3'' x 4'2.4'' x 7' 4.5''
With ceph: 1.411 x 2.155 x 2.25 m / 5'3'' x 7'0.6'' x 7' 4.5''
Weight No ceph: 110 kg / 242 lbs
With ceph: 132 kg / 291 lbs
Operating Conditions  
Air humidity
10% to 95%
Temperature +10° to +40°C (50° to 104°F)

Technical documentation

The 2D x-ray family

Find out all the details about our 2D x-ray imaging portfolio and download the brochure here.

Contact us for more information

Find out more about the imaging systems from Dentsply Sirona and request product information on intraoral imaging or 2D and 3D imaging technology. Thank you for your interest in our products; we would be pleased to send you the requested information.