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"A real opportunity for many dental technicians" Labside concept from Dentsply Sirona

Trends at the IDS 2017 – Materials, digital technology, flexible manufacturing

International Dental Show, March 21 to 25,  2017, in Cologne: The entire world of dental technology is located in Hall 11.2. Hans-Georg Bauer, Director of Global Marketing for Labside Dental CAD/CAM Systems at Dentsply Sirona CAD/CAM, and Andreas Maier, Marketing Communications Manager at Dentsply Sirona Prosthetics, give their outlook on a very special trade show experience.

Mr. Bauer, what trends do you expect for IDS 2017?

Hans-Georg Bauer: After having seen many exciting new features for digital imaging and the networking of individual components in the dental lab and practice in recent years, my forecast for 2017 is as follows: The megatrends of this year's IDS will be “CAD/CAM production in the dental practice” and “digital networking of practice and lab".

Don't these trends come at the expense of the laboratory?

Hans-Georg Bauer: I don't think so. I am very convinced that this development is associated with a real opportunity for many dental technicians. Those who react to the chairside trend, i.e. the manufacturing processes directly on the patient in the dental clinic, with a coherent labside concept will open up new possibilities for an even more intensive cooperation with dentists. And in many areas, for example with materials and, especially in the case of complex restorations and esthetics, competence remains with the dental technician.

Andreas Maier: In this context, prosthetic materials are indeed an essential field. With the zirconia-reinforced lithium-silicate Celtra Duo – or ZLS – we manufacture a material that can also be used chairside. However, whenever esthetically demanding restorations are involved, the dental technician’s expertise is indispensable.

What innovations can labs expect in the area of prosthetic materials?

Andreas Maier: At the IDS we are presenting a new, pressable version of the already mentioned zirconia-reinforced lithium silicate: Celtra Press. It offers even more possibilities for glass ceramic esthetics. This material can be used for up to three-unit bridges up to the second premolar in the anterior tooth area and allows the form-fitting execution of very fine structures and restoration margins – all in the tried and tested pressing process. Furthermore, the extra-translucent zirconia Cercon xt provides an additional zirconia disk variant with an almost glass-ceramic appearance. Overall, an even greater indication range can be covered with zirconia or zirconia-enhanced lithium silicate. Dentists are glad to rely on dental technicians’ material expertise and also recognize them as specialists in digital technologies.

Hans-Georg Bauer: Visitors at the IDS will also find everything worth knowing about this topic at Dentsply Sirona. With our joint booth for the Dentsply Sirona CAD/CAM, Dentsply Sirona Prosthetics, and Dentsply Sirona Implants business units, stand, we cover the whole world of dental technology. Apart from material innovations, visitors can also get to know the new options that result from the interplay of our 5-axis production unit inLab MC X5 and the new CAD and CAM software inLab SW 16.0. A key word in this context is the in-house production of individual one-piece titanium abutments. We have the right answer for all questions regarding lab routine – from the materials already mentioned above, to the complete CAD/CAM workflow for which our inLab system offers a coherent and open solution, to implant prosthetics. 

How exactly do I proceed when looking for information on a particular area of dental technology?

Andreas Maier: That's very easy. In principle, you only have to find the way to Hall 11.2 and to our booth (laughs). Dentsply Sirona's diverse dental competencies were deliberately placed close to each other there. Thus, the right contact person is always at hand. The colleagues on site will be just as happy as Mr. Bauer or me to help you with your questions.

Dentsply Sirona at the IDS 2017

We are looking forward to showing you all our innovations, solutions and products over two stands - from March 21-25, 2017 in Cologne. All in support of our vision of a better, safer and faster dental care - in practice and in the laboratory.