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All-Ceramic Materials

Dentsply Sirona offers a comprehensive selection of high strength glass ceramic and zirconia products designed to give the dental technician the opportunity to create the best restoration for each patient - from inlays and onlays to full-cast units and bridgework. Dental laboratories can work with Dentsply Sirona porcelains, which provide high esthetics and set the standard for ease-of-use for any type of restoration. Ultimately, this allows lab technicians to produce esthetic crowns with less waste.

Veneering system

Celtra Ceram is a highly versatile, low-fusing veneering system designed exclusively for a broad range of all-ceramic substructures including lithium silicates and zirconia oxides. It is a smart system with expansive capabilities to meet the changing needs of laboratories worldwide.


Porcelain Furnaces

Dentsply Sirona completes the needs of any dental laboratory by providing equipment essential to any process and suitable for all firing and pressing programs.


Why choose our products for all-ceramic crowns & bridges?

Excellent esthetics

Maximum shade fidelity

Reliable and reproducible results

Easy processing

“The material properties of Celtra allow the dental technician to concentrate more on the morphology. The opalescent effect looks just great in the mouth, and the crown becomes simply - a tooth.”

Hans-Jürgen Joit, Zahntechnik Düsseldorf, Germany

All-ceramic crowns & bridges workflow

High quality restorations depend on the selection of quality materials and their proper processing. With trusted brands for porcelain and crown and bridge alloys, Dentsply Sirona offers choices to match all case requirements and budgets.

Digital materials in a seamless CAD/CAM workflow


All-Ceramic Celtra Ceram Concept

All-Ceramic Celtra Ceram

All-Ceramic Cercon xt Cutback Celtra Ceram

All-Ceramic xt monolithic Stain Glaze

Cercon ht fully veneered Celtra Ceram

All-Ceramic Celtra Press cutback Celtra Ceram

Celtra Press fully veneered with Celtra Ceram

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