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Our shaping products

For anyone performing endodontic procedures, the right files are essential. Each of our endodontic product families have files designed for you and your patients’ needs, allowing  proper irrigation and correct canal obturation. Our solutions will suit your goals, supported by our latest generations of motors and apex locators.

Rotary Files

Dentsply Sirona offers several Treatment Solutions following the rotary motion technique for an efficient and safe canal preparation. ProTaper Ultimate and TruNatomy® are our two most advanced Solutions in that category.

Reciprocating Files

The reciprocating files function is an unequal bidirectional clockwise/counterclockwise direction, thus reproducing the safe manual feeling with more efficiency and simplicity. WaveOne® Gold, Reciproc and RECIPROC® blue are the state-of-the-art solution for the reciprocating method.

Hand Files

Whether you're cleaning canals before turning the job over to mechanized files, completing the final canal prep before obturation, or even compacting obturation materials—the hand files below will help you get the job done with confidence.

Endodontic Motors

Endodontic motors supply controlled, precise torque to a dental handpiece, providing reliable performance for the clinician. Managing torque and maintaining speed enhances cutting efficiency and safety, generating predictable results in following an endodontic file sequence. Dentsply Sirona is committed to the development of endodontic solutions that support the individual clinician and the ever-growing practice. All units of our wide range of electric endo devices offer a precision line of accessories to enhance the functionality and customization of the motors. Discover the difference of a Dentsply Sirona endodontic motor and bring peace of mind to your root canal preparations.

Apex Locators

An important part of canal preparation is the accurate detection of the canal terminus. This measurement helps determine how far instruments should advance within the root canal and at what point the preparation and filling should stop. The clinician must also maintain precise control of working length during the root canal procedure to avoid root perforation. A root perforation can lead to short- and long-term complications for the patient, including infection, additional surgery, and a more painful recovery. An apex locator has a pair of electrodes, one typically clipped to a patient’s lip and the other connected to an endodontic file. When the tip of the file contacts the periodontal tissue, the three components form a complete electric circuit. Resistance then decreases and a current begins to flow, which triggers the device to sound or register a digital readout. An Apex Locator measures the impedance, frequency, and resistance of surrounding material – different devices using different principles to determine lengths. These electronic devices have been shown to be more accurate than radiography when determining the position of the apical foramen.

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