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Our working stools

Hugo - the Ergonomics Expert

Hugo is a key element in the Dentsply Sirona ergonomics program and combines unique technologies. It promotes ergonomic and intuitive sitting and enables you to maintain a healthy posture throughout the treatment process. Dynamic, comfortable, hygienic, and versatile – the perfect complement to your treatment center.


Why choose Hugo?

Dynamic backrest

The backrest follows your movements and provides support. Your spine is automatically straightened, effectively preventing muscle strain.

Comfortable seat

The innovative OptiMotion mechanism flexibly tilts the front of the left or right half of the seat to reduce pressure on the thighs. The Thermo upholstery reduces heat during long treatments.

Flexible stool base

The Hugo stool can be flexibly adjusted to fit the height of each user. The foot ring of Hugo Manual Plus enables even small members of the practice team to work in an ergonomic way on the same level as the tall ones

Hugo Freehand

The optional foot release allows hands-free, hygienic adjustment of the seat height.

Theo - the Flexible One

Saddle stools are quickly becoming the go-to choice among dental professionals. The ergonomic benefits of this saddle seat chair are without question. The seat's tilt encourages a neutral pelvic position that helps keep a balanced posture while performing treatments and procedures. This means that your back is always supported the entire time. Not to mention, diaphragmic breathing is improved, moving the stool from one location to the next is smoother; it also facilitates the correct movement of the hips.

Theo completes the ergonomic working stool portfolio for Treatment Centers from Dentsply Sirona. The saddle stool combines the healthy posture of standing with the advantages of a stable and comfortable sitting. The high seating position allows optimal access to the patient. Combined with a particularly comfortable padding, the best possible ergonomic support is achieved even during long working days.


Why choose Theo?

Unique balance mechanism

Through dynamic adjustments of the seat Theo gives you a maximum of flexibility in your movements. The range of motion of the balance mechanism can be adjusted individually – with only one turn of the ring.

Relieving stool base

The step element on the stool base allows a relieving leg position. Moreover, the step elements are replaceable, which increases the longevity even for frequent use.

Selectable upholstery

Available with the established Premium Thermo upholstery and the comfortable Lounge upholstery.

Adjustable height

Choice of two gas spring lengths for different heights.

Carl - the All-Rounder

The Carl round stool ensures maximum freedom of movement and meets the highest demands in comfort and quality. The round seat features comfortable upholstery and is ”seamlessly“ hygienic.


Why choose Carl?

Round seat with comfortable upholstery

Height can be adjusted from any sitting position

The backrest can be rotated 360°

Choice of two gas spring lengths

Color Selection

Whatever the color scheme of your office, we've got options for your dentist stool upholstery colors.

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