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How you can profit as a 3Shape TRIOS user

Practice growth

Expand your treatment portfolio with Dentsply Sirona's in-house manufacturing solutions that helps to grow profits. Use Primemill and Primeprint Solution to seamlessly provide same-day permanent prosthetic restorations and removable applications enhancing patients’ experience. 


Simplify your workflow by outsourcing 3D-printed application designs through DS Core Create and enjoy fast turn-around-times. The inLab Software allows the design of biogeneric restoration proposals and synchronizes with Primemill and SpeedFire. Connect production devices to DS Core for remote access to patient records. Take the possibility to optimize your practice's efficiency with time-saving innovations which not only motivate your team but also simplify delegation.

Clinical excellence

Be confident in clinically proven1 and validated workflows which help to improve patient care with high-quality, highly esthetic, same-day restorations, like crowns. Create biocompatible removable applications, like splints or models, with accurate and reproducible results1.

Peace of mind

DS Core Care helps to increase your productivity with devices that are ready to use when you are, providing a seamless and reliable user experience. You also have access to DS training facilities, helping you stay updated on the latest technologies.

Integrate TRIOS in your in-house manufacturing workflow

Explore a range of indications with Primemill and Primeprint Solution

TRIOS meets Prime emerges as a flexible solution, easily integrated into your workflow that allows various indications, enhancing the system's capabilities for crafting excellent outcomes across dental applications.

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Please note: Not all indications and restorations, such as implant workflows, are available in all markets due to varying government regulatory guidelines. Currently, implants workflows such as screw retained crowns on DS TiBases, CEREC Guides are not available in the US.

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