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As technology develops, more and more industries are implementing digital solutions. And dentistry is no exception. The development of new digital devices and software is helping to redefine dentistry. These changes enhance the productivity of dentists and provide a better experience for patients too. 

As a result, dental practices that fully embrace digitalization will be far ahead of their competitors and will be able to offer better quality service at a lower cost. In addition, as the aging population of the world rises and more people pay attention to their oral health, the dental market is set to grow in the future. According to recent research, the global intraoral scanners market share is expected to reach $875 million by 2030. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a positive impact on the market with an increased demand for more hygienic, digital processes. 

An increasing number of dental practices are looking to implement digital solutions such as intraoral scanners to improve the speed and efficiency of workflows. It is now more important than ever to adopt digital solutions to respond to new opportunities and changes in patient expectations. 

Recent developments in intraoral scanners have provided an entry into digital dentistry for many dentists. They make impression creation easier with a seamless, fast, and intuitive workflow that can help in providing a higher return on investment and long-term benefits.  

There is a huge range of intraoral scanners available on the market for you to choose from. Each brand offers a variety of features and services and it’s important to compare them to make the right choice for your practice. 

Why is it important to choose the right intraoral scanner? 


A comparison of intraoral scanners is essential to make sure you get the best return on your investment. For an intraoral scanner to be as effective as possible in your practice, it must be easy to use and integrate seamlessly into your existing workflows.  

Traditionally, dentists have assumed that the introduction of digital solutions will require a huge amount of training, changes to existing workflows and complex collaboration with labs who do not have access to the same software solutions. However, new digital solutions can help to improve workflows within dental practices and are easy to implement without specialists required in-house. Dentsply Sirona’s intraoral scanner is designed to be easy to use and to integrate into any existing workflows fostering collaboration with your lab. 

Let’s look at the factors you should consider when choosing the right intraoral scanner. 

Criteria to consider when comparing intraoral scanners


Intraoral scanners can provide several benefits to your dental practice. To make sure the move into digital dentistry is as efficient as possible, there are several factors to consider.  



The accuracy of the intraoral scanner you invest in is an important factor to consider. Intraoral scanners replace traditional impression methods which can leave room for error and lead to changes required to models or additional visits for patients. Inaccurate scan data will result in a low fitting rate and changes, or new impressions will be required which take more time and cost to achieve.  

Primescan’s accuracy has been proven in a range of clinical studies for a number of applications. This accuracy means less patient chair time and more time for dentists to spend on value-adding activities for the business or time to spend with patients. 



Scanning speed is another key feature of intraoral scanners. One of the biggest advantages of this technology is the possibility to create digital impressions in just minutes and, with a few clicks, send the data off to the lab immediately. This can help to improve patient comfort and reduce lab turnaround times so that patients are treated more quickly.  

Primescan provides an extremely fast scanning time and can complete a full arch scan in less than one minute. 


Ease of use 

Intraoral scanners that are easy to use can be effectively integrated into existing workflows without the huge amounts of training required. An intuitive intraoral scanner and software that is easy to manage are essential elements to consider. The workflow should be smooth from start to finish. 



Previously, intraoral scanners were too expensive for most dental practices which has been a barrier for those looking to invest. However, due to advances in technology and increased competition, intraoral scanners have become more accessible with a better return on investment. The prices can vary depending on the brand you choose and even on geographical location. 

Implementing an intraoral scanner into your dental practice can save costs and time over the long term so it’s important to compare price points as well as performance to enable you to get the highest return on investment.  

Dentsply Sirona’s Primescan is available with two different configurations: Primescan AC and Primescan Connect both ensure high intraoral scanning performance. Primescan Connect comes in a laptop configuration, making it more accessible for every dental practice, allowing you to digitalize your workflows more easily and cost-effectively as possible.  

Integration with existing workflows  

Another important factor to consider when choosing an intraoral scanner is how well it will integrate with your existing workflows. The intraoral scanner you choose should enable more efficiency to your practice. Higher accuracy means fewer repeat impressions are required, restorations fit the patient better and treatment times are shorter which leads to improvements across the practice and a better patient experience overall.  



The software capability of the intraoral scanner you choose should allow you to connect to your chosen lab seamlessly and enhance your relationship. The data from the scan can be instantly shared with the lab but this is only possible if the software used by the scanner is open and compatible with the lab software. 

Dentsply Sirona’s Primescan is an open intraoral scanner allowing all third parties to access the scan data transmitted through Connect Case Center. The software has validated connections to all major lab CAD software so you can continue with your current relationships without having to change workflows or switch to a lab with compatible software. 

Why choose Dentsply Sirona’s Primescan intraoral scanner? 

Dentsply Sirona’s intraoral scanners have been developed to provide you with the tools to improve your workflows, improve patient experience and help you grow your dental practice over the long term. Primescan allows you to step into digital dentistry and leverage the benefits of your investment with the possibility to evolve into treatment options in Restorative, Implantology, Orthodontics, and Sleep Appliances.  

Let’s have a deeper look at the key features of Primescan. 

Leap into digital dentistry 

If you have been looking for a way to digitalize your existing workflows, Primescan is an excellent starting point. This intraoral scanner can be used to transform existing workflows and make impression-taking easier and more comfortable for patients. It can also help you implement new dental procedures and expand towards other digital solutions such as 3D printers.  


Ease of use 

Primescan makes digital impressions easy and intuitive so the task can be delegated to the practice team, empowering them and allowing you to focus on patient care. Ease of handling and an intuitive interface also makes the impression taking more comfortable for patients, eliminating gag reflexes and the taste of mold materials. 


Time saving 

Primescan allows for fast scans that provide a shorter treatment time. Errors in the scan can be corrected while the patient is still in the chair and any issues can be flagged up straight away which eliminates the need for scan repetitions. This leads to an increase in efficiency across the full dental practice, allowing you and your staff to focus on value-adding activities. 



Primescan is designed with hygiene in mind to provide an extra layer of safety for the practice team and patients. The scanner is supplied with three different sleeves, each of which has fully closed scanning windows to prevent liquid infiltration during scanning.  

The stainless-steel sleeves with sapphire glass for multiple use can be wiped for disinfection, sterilized with dry heat, or treated with high-level disinfection (HLD). The stainless-steel sleeve with a disposable window can be autoclaved. In addition, disposable sleeves can help meet the highest hygiene requirements and prevent cross-contamination.  



As mentioned above, clinical Studies have proven the accuracy of Primescan. This accuracy supports an excellent fit for restorations and appliances and digital models are also less prone to errors than analog impressions which reduce the need for repeated impression taking.  

Laboratories with more accurate models mean that the appliances produced will fit patients and reduce the need for further adjustments. This results in a better patient experience and more efficient workflows throughout the dental practice.  


Service and support 

New technology is not always easy to use, and that is why clinicians need a responsive support team, mostly from their supplier or product manufacturer. Intraoral scanners are intuitive to use, and the learning curve can be short. However, when implementing the technology, it’s essential to utilize support in digital impressions by a manufacturer with a strong reputation in digital dentistry. Investing in a unit that comes with the relevant support is of the utmost importance to make sure the device is as effective as possible within the practice. 


In summary 


Adopting the right intraoral scanner into your dental practice can bring you a number of benefits, help you to streamline workflows, provide a better patient experience, increase treatment acceptance and grow your dental practice.  

Dentsply Sirona’s Primescan is designed to simplify and streamline every dental practice workflow. Impression taking will become easier, quicker, and more accurate so you can improve patient outcomes and experience.  

Please contact a Dentsply Sirona representative to find out more about starting your journey in Digital Impressions and adding an intraoral scanner to your dental practice.  

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