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Dentsply Sirona Denmark
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CEREC Software

Please note that both elements must be available: License code and CEREC Software. The software can be used only in this manner. CEREC SW 5.0.x can only be used on CEREC Primescan AC and CEREC Omnicam AC (new AC). Purchasing CEREC SW 5.0 enables the installation and usage also on Primescan AC and Omnicam AC (new AC). Updates rely on the previous installation. You have to install CEREC SW 5.0 initially to update to CEREC SW 5.0.1 and CEREC SW 5.0.2.

CEREC SW 5.0.2 596 MB

CEREC SW 5.0.1 600 MB


Please note that both elements must be available: License code and CEREC Software. The software can be used only in this manner. With CEREC SW 4.6, it is possible to skip over the uninstallation of a CEREC SW 4.5.x during the installation. The uninstallation of CEREC SW 4.5.x is however recommended by Dentsply Sirona, since insufficient memory on the hard disc can lead to malfunction of the software. Attention: If CEREC SW 4.5.x is uninstalled subsequently, CEREC SW 4.6 will also be uninstalled. A reinstallation of the CEREC SW 4.6 will be necessary. The already entered CEREC SW 4.6 license will still be valid.

CAD/CAM Prerequisites Software Patch 293 MB

Necessary for the installation of CEREC Software 4.6.x and CEREC CAM Software 4.6.x

Patch for CEREC SW 4.6.1 Material Pack

Preinstalled CEREC SW 4.6.1 with Material Pack required. Bugfix for layered blocks.

CEREC Software 4.6.1 Material Pack

CEREC SW 4.6.1 & CEREC CAM SW 4.6.1 Material Pack Description 189 kB

CEREC Software 4.6.1 636 MB

CEREC Software 4.6.1 - Update Description 123 kB

The update CEREC SW 4.6.1 is distributed via AutoUpdate. The update requires a pre-installed version CEREC SW 4.6.x. Not permitted in the US.

CEREC Software 4.6 - Download 108 MB

Instructions for installation of CEREC SW 4.6 via web installer 296 kB

CEREC Software 4.6 - Upgrade Description 127 kB

Operator's Manual - CEREC Software 4.6.x 4 MB

Not valid for USA

There are two possibilities for installation: either the direct download of the entire software (~ 3 GB) or an installation file with an initial size of 100 MB. The latter is recommended in case of a lower bandwidth since the download process is continued after interruption. Please note that both the license code and CEREC software must be available for the software to be used. With CEREC SW 4.5.1 it is possible to skip uninstallation of a version of CEREC SW 4.4.x during the installation. Even so, Dentsply Sirona recommends uninstalling versions of CEREC SW 4.4.x, because lack of storage space on the hard disk can cause the software to malfunction. Important: Once the download has been completed with the compressed zip file, the file must be extracted. Only then can the Setup.exe and accordingly the installation process be started. Attempting to start the setup from the file before it has been extracted may lead to installation errors.

CEREC Software 4.5.2 555 MB

CEREC SW 4.5.2 Material Pack 7 MB

Tetric CAD (Ivoclar Vivadent), CERASMART300 (GC; released only in Japan), KATANA Zirconia block ST/STML (Kuraray Noritake Dental; released only in the U.S.)

CEREC SW 4.5.2 Material Pack Description 139 kB

CEREC Software 4.5.1 3 GB

CEREC SW 4.5.1 Web-Installer 108 MB

CEREC SW 4.5.1: Update Description 171 kB

CEREC Software 4.5.0 Upgrade Description 42 kB

CEREC SW 4.5.x User's Manual (U.S. only) 3 MB

CEREC SW 4.5.x User's Manual 3 MB

Service Pack CEREC SW 4.4.4 - Software 26. oktober 2016 , 673 MB

Material Service Pack CEREC SW 4.4.4. 21. marts 2017 , 6 MB

Dentsply Sirona CEREC Zirconia meso, VITA Enamic multiColor, VITA SUPRINITY IS with Ti-Base, Ivoclar Vivadent ZirCAD LT, GC Initial LRF

Service Pack CEREC SW 4.4.4 - Update Description 1. november 2016 , 60 kB

Service Pack CEREC SW 4.4.3 – Software 3. juni 2016 , 677 MB

Service Pack CEREC SW 4.4.3 - Update Description