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Why choose DAC Premium Plus E?

Patented double-jacket technology

Record-breaking operating times of 10 - 20 minutes (Quick-Programmes incl. pre-vacuum and drying) guarantee even faster instrument availability.

Patented DRYtelligence®

The intelligent system makes for the perfect drying results whilst shortening the drying time by up to 80%.

High loading capacity

The mount for eight trays allows efficient use of the maximum load of up to 9 kg.

XXL colour-touch display

Documentation and approval is performed quickly, safely and paper-free directly on the display of the autoclave.

Safe, reliable sterilisation and ideal drying.


For years, bacteriologists have been emphasising the importance of autoclave drying, especially where wrapped instruments and textiles are concerned. The deep post-vacuum of DAC Premium Plus E is the ideal method for shortening drying times and complying with the stringent EN 13060 requirements. Utilising additional sterilisation parameter controls, DAC Premium Plus E offers the highest level of safety and should be an integral part of the basic equipment in every dental practice.


Fractioned pre-vacuum

Fractioned pre-vacuum evacuates the chamber repeatedly, alternating with an intermittent inflow of steam and, thus, ensuring the necessary, extremely effective removal of air, even from narrow-lumened instruments and porous sterilisation items.


Post-vacuum for optimum drying

The deep post-vacuum of DAC Premium Plus E is the ideal method for shortening and optimising drying times.


Documentation made easy

Documentation is fun with the large colour touch display and intuitive operation. Whether via the Ethernet interface directly, via the practice network, with the help of barcode labels for identification up to output of the logs to the CF card or the MELAprint 44 printer, all options for process documentation are open to you. You choose the option that best fits your workflow, thus reducing administrative tasks to a minimum.

Process control

You can document all programme cycles either via the built-in network interface or digitally with the MELAflash CF-Card. DAC Premium Plus E not only gives you perfectly prepared instruments, it also gives you legal certainty.

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