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Fixed solutions

For fixed solutions Atlantis BridgeBase, Atlantis Bridge and Atlantis Hybrid are produced by a metal 3D printing technique, additive manufacturing, which provide unique possibilities for advanced geometries. The result is an ultimate design of suprastructures in titanium or cobalt-chrome, for all major implant systems.


Additive manufacturing - adding layers for more accuracy

Additive manufacturing, the latest in world class manufacturing, is a metal 3D printing technique that provides new possibilities for advanced geometries. The suprastructures for fixed screw-retained solutions are produced by a “layer upon layer” technique, which builds a detailed framework on the micron level, resulting in a more detailed design/finish. With additive manufacturing, the ability to print lightweight materials, such as titanium, opens possibilities for new restorative advantages. The main advantage with additive manufacturing is individualised products with high precision and accuracy. It brings limited need for further treatment before veneering with composite or ceramic material.

Removable solutions

Customised removable solutions -when restorative versatility is prioritised

Atlantis removable suprastructures from Dentsply Sirona have been continuously developed. Today a wide range of bar profiles and attachments can be offered, compatible with all major implant systems which gives you the freedom to work with your preferred implant system. The simplicity of the ordering process and delivery of the suprastructures saves time for the dental technicians, and make the workflow in the dental laboratories more efficient. 

Our removable Solutions are milled from solid blocks of titanium or cobalt-chrome (Atlantis Bar), or from solid blocks of titanium (Atlantis 2in1).

  • By using world-class manufacturing, supported by computerbased industrial and medical expertise, benefits that go beyond CAD/CAM are provided.
  • The milling strategies for Atlantis suprastructures have been optimised to ensure a high strength and a optimal fit of the suprastructures.
  • The precise and passive fit has been demonstrated in accordance with the Sheffield Test from the University of Sheffield, UK.


Why choose Atlantis suprastructures?

Wide flexibility in therapy and design

Suitable for partially and fully edentulous patients

Suitable for all major implant systems

Simplified restorative procedure

Easier handling

Comprehensive warranty programme

Grow your practice - Simplicity you can use

Open compatibility for your choice of implant system

Using Atlantis suprastructures, you get an open digital solution that provides great flexibility for your restorative implant needs. 

Atlantis suprastructures are compatible with a broad portfolio of implant and abutment connections which means that you can continue to work with your preferred implant system. 

Open solution for all major implant systems

With Atlantis suprastructures we give you the freedom to choose between implant and abutment connections from implant brands such as:

  • Dentsply Sirona Implants
  • BioHorizons
  • Biomet 3i
  • Camlog
  • Keystone Dental
  • Nobel Biocare
  • Straumann
  • Zimmer Dental
  • Extended list (only available outside of US/CAN)

Detailed information about the implant compatibility for Atlantis suprastructures is presented in the Atlantis suprastructures implant compatibility chart which is available on the Help section of Atlantis Weborder.

How to get access to Atlantis WebOrder

To start ordering Atlantis solutions, you can either go directly to Atlantis WebOrder and register an account or contact your local representative for assistance.

The Order and Manufacturing Process

Atlantis patient-specific solutions are produced using the latest developments in world-class production technologies and are supported by computer-based industrial and medical device expertise. The art and craft of dental laboratory procedures are further enhanced through the application of engineering principles, allowing for the design and production of consistent, high-quality, patient-specific implant solutions for all major implant systems.

Step by step
  1. The clinician takes an implant- or abutment-level impression and sends it to the dental laboratory.
  2. The dental technician enters the order using Atlantis WebOrder. Case models and materials are shipped to Dentsply Sirona Implants.
  3. After review and final approval of the design in Atlantis Viewer, the suprastructure is milled or printed, depending on which solution was chosen.
  4. The Atlantis suprastructure is shipped to the dental laboratory, which then produces the final prosthetic solution and sends the complete case back to the clinician.


Further downloads are provided within our Download Centre.

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  1. Subject to the terms and conditions of the Atlantis suprastructures warranty.