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Regenerative dentistry is a highly specialised, highly meticulous practice that requires an immense amount of skill. To that same end, regenerative solutions are extremely well-researched and well-developed tools to support this complex practice. The combination of a skilled specialist with a technologically advanced toolkit creates the perfect environment for safe and highly effective regenerative dentistry.

About Regenerative Solutions

Whether you’re placing dental implants or working on a ridge reconstruction, regenerative solutions allow you to provide a higher-calibre resolution for your clients. Regenerative solutions like bone graft substitutes and barrier membranes allow you more flexibility in crafting a journey of healing for your clients while knowing the best results will follow. When working with decayed or deteriorated bone and tissue, it is essential that you are able to use the most cutting-edge technology to rejuvenate your clients oral health and uplift their recovery.

What To Consider

If you’re planning to buy regenerative solutions, you’ll want to pay close attention to the content and effectiveness of each solution. If you’re in the market for bone minerals and particulates, you may want to consider what the pore structure looks like and if it leaves enough room for new bone deposition. When choosing a membrane, you’ll need to decide if a non-resorbable membrane or a resorbable membrane is the best choice for what you’re hoping to accomplish. Each has a different application, but having access to both gives the flexibility to perform a wider variety of surgeries and service a wider variety of patients.

The Dentsply Sirona Difference

Dentsply Sirona’s mission is to transform dental health globally by empowering our partners with excellent education and first class innovation. We strive to offer the most effective, safest equipment for our partners so that their patients are well taken care of and their businesses can grow. Carrying trusted brands, like Symbios and OSSIX, ensures the regenerative solutions you choose are safe, easy to use, and provide predictable outcomes