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Why choose inLab Profire?

Sintering of zirconium oxide and sinter metal¹ in just one furnace²

Conventional long-term sintering of zirconium oxide

Speed sintering for single restorations, frameworks and bridges

“Dry & Sinter” – Sintering with pre-drying

Simultaneous sintering of up to 60 units³ when stacking two sintering trays

Preprogrammed for validated sinter materials

Optional free programming

Sintering zirconium oxide and NPM — 2 in 1²

The inLab Profire can sinter zirconium oxide and non-precious metal in one furnace. For sintering non-precious metal1 with the product version inLab Profire with metal, only the sintering tray needs to be exchanged. Thanks to the integrated argon line, no further modifications are needed.


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Technical Data


  • Speed sintering tray, rack and fork for the sintering tray
  • Zirconium oxide sintering beads            


  • NPM sintering beads
  • Sintering tray system for inCoris CC non-precious metal
  • Argon gas management

Programme types

  • Speed
  • Conventional sintering
  • Pre-drying and sintering
  • Service programs
  • Auto-start function

Dimensions (W x H x D): 360 x 780 x 534 mm

Weight:              64 kg

Supply voltage: 200–240 V

Mains frequency: 50/60 Hz

Nominal power: 3500 W

Maximum sintering temperature: 1,650°C

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  1. For validated sinter metal only
  2. Optional with the inLab Profire Zirconia + Metal
  3. For zirconium oxide; depends on the size of restorations and sinter supports