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What’s the best intraoral scanner on the market?

The answer to this question will depend on what you’re looking to achieve with the scanner. Whether you’re looking to buy your first intraoral scanner or are a seasoned scanner user, this page is dedicated to providing you with the most useful resources about Primescan.

  • Discover the benefits and versatility of digital impressions in clinical workflows
  • Watch clinicians review scanning with Primescan
  • Read clinical reviews of the accuracy of digital impressions and intraoral scanners
  • Learn about the return on investment with Primescan intraoral scanner
  • Explore scanning tips and techniques with your first digital dental scanner


Which Primescan is right for you?

Ever wondered what intraoral scanners are used for in dentistry? See below Dentsply Sirona’s latest scanning technology. 

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Browse through Primescan reviews, benefits, clinical studies and more below.

Clinicians review Primescan in their practice

Hear from Dr Martin Wanendeya and the team at TenDental to learn about the benefits Primescan provides to them and their patients.

Dental Technicians rate digital impressions from Primescan

Hear from Steve Campbell, dental technician and owner of Nexus Laboratories talk about working with digital scan files from Primescan (start watching from 00:58:16 in the video below). Alternatively, watch the whole webinar to learn about the full digital implant workflow with Primescan. 

Clinician reviews CEREC Primescan in a single visit procedure

What do clinicians say about CEREC® Primescan in a 1h chairside crown procedure?

Tips and techniques of intraoral scanning

Learn how to scan with intraoral scanners and how to operate Primescan with Dr Riaz Yar. Discover the full playlist on YouTube here.

Primescan product design features

Learn more about the features and benefits of Primescan.

What do our customers say about working with Primescan?

"The acquisition of the new Primescan brought greater speed and accuracy both in the prosthetic work on teeth and implants and in the scanning of total arches for snoring devices and apnea, orthodontic aligners and guided surgeries. On top of this, it enables a fast and assertive communication with my lab, adding tremendous value to my daily work and providing even greater satisfaction and enchantment to my patients.” 

    Dr. Luciana Sargologos | São Paulo, Brazil

    "Primescan has been a complete game changer for me specifically from a full arch implant perspective. I’ve been blown away with how accurate it has been in both our testing and clinically. I feel completely comfortable scanning anything from a single tooth to a full-arch implant case knowing full well that we’ll get very predictable results due to the accuracy of
    the scanner.” 

    Dr. Mark Ludlow | Prosthodontist | USA

    "My Primescan is the digital hub of my practice, and the seamless and efficient workflow which allows to plan SureSmile aligner cases has increased my case acceptance tremendously. Patients appreciate the ease of scanning a full mouth in just a few minutes and my team values the rapid integration to review cases. As a General Dentist who provides a wide range of dental services, having rapid integration of my technology is essential and with Primescan and SureSmile I certainly have that!”

    Dr. Mona Patel | Bayshore Dental | Milwaukee, USA

    "OraCheck shows me exactly what has changed in my patients since I´ve seen them. No more assumptions and educated guesses based on photos and analog methods. Having exact measurements not only provides me with an accurate assessment but allows me to visually show the patient the quantifying erosion, abrasion, abfraction, tooth chipping, tooth drift, and gingival changes. This builds trust and confidence from my patients, allowing me to provide a new standard level of exceptional dentistry.“

    Dr. Jake Skowronski | Lakeshore Dentistry | Mooresville NC

    "Using Connect Case Center we can transmit our cases quickly to the laboratory. They can review our cases, give us instant feedback and this all makes for a very predictable workflow.“

    Dr. Cary Brown | USA

    Comparison of intraoral scanners in clinical studies

    Return on Investment with Primescan

    Some of the most common questions we hear are: how much is Primescan and what is the return on investment with intraoral scanners?

    Listen to Dr Simon Fieldhouse talk about how to realise the ROI with Primescan. 

    Alternatively, read about the ROI with Primescan in this article on  


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