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Dentsply Sirona Global
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About Dentsply Sirona Imaging

About Dentsply Sirona Imaging

With unique skills and know-how in diagnostics and treatment planning, Dentsply Sirona Imaging is a global leader in dental X-ray units and software.  Our high-end solutions are designed to fulfill the needs of general dentists, specialists as well as oral surgeons and radiologists. Headquartered in Bensheim, Germany, Dentsply Sirona Imaging is one of the 11 Strategic Business Units (SBUs) of Dentsply Sirona.

The Pioneer of Dental Radiology

Sirona traces its roots to 1877, when a German engineer built the first electric-powered dental drill, while The Dentists’ Supply Company was created in 1899 in a small New York City office. From that point forward, Dentsply Sirona and our predecessor companies developed product after product, solution after solution, and transformed dentistry time and again. Outside Imaging, our significant contributions to the industry include introducing the first prosthodontist-led professional department in 1906, the Trubyte denture tooth line in 1931, or the launch of CEREC – the first chairside dental CAD/CAM system in 1987. Dentsply Sirona has earned its reputation as the innovation leader in professional dentistry.

1895 - the world's first commercial X-ray unit

Just three days after the discovery of X-rays, the mechanical engineering firm "RGS" makes initial contact with Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen, the German physician who made the discovery. A few months later, RGS becomes the first company to start manufacturing X-ray tubes and apparatus. RGS produces the world's first commercial X-ray unit.

1925 - beginning of the Siemens era

Siemens & Halske acquire a majority stake in RGS. In 1966, the company incorporates into Siemens AG.

1934 - the world's first X-ray sphere

The world's first X-ray sphere is introduced, using the first generation of rotating anode tubes. Connected directly to domestic power supplies, nearly 30,000 units are sold worldwide until the 1970s.

1995 - the world's first digital panorama X-ray system

Official launch of Orthophos Plus DS, the first digital panorama X-ray system, followed by Orthophos Plus DS Ceph, the first digital X-ray system for Orthodontists in 1996.

1997 - Siemens' dental systems division becomes Sirona Dental Systems GmbH

Siemens sells its dental systems division to a consortium of institutional investor and Sirona Dental Systems GmbH is established on October 1, 1997.