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74% of dentists want an impression material that is better suited for all the cases they see - not just the ideal ones.1 To deliver on this clinical need, Aquasil Ultra+ impression material offers market-leading intraoral hydrophilicity and tear strength.

Aquasil Ultra+ impression material helps clinicians capture the detail they need and reduce the chance of voids and tears at the margin, the most common impression errors labs see.1 Its ability to capture and maintain detail coupled with precision delivery and optimal work/set times make Aquasil Ultra+ material the no compromise solution to your everyday impression needs.

Aquasil Ultra+ from Dentsply Sirona

Aquasil Ultra+ impression material is available in many different Tray and Wash viscosities for all impression techniques.


Why choose Aquasil Ultra+?

Highest Intraoral and 24hrs tear strengths

Higher accuracy due to reduced risk of tears by mouth removal on critical margins and thin cross-sections. Less risk for crown adjustment or "retakes". Helps ensure multiple pours at the lab with no compromise to model accuracy.

High intraoral and 24hrs hydrophilicity

Helps ensure accurate impression in the presence of moisture. Can be applied to moist preparation, avoiding dessicating the prep and reducing risk of post-op sensitivity. Helps ensure model accuracy and margin fit when poured at the lab.

Long intraoral work time and short Mouth Removal Time

Plenty of intraoral time (IOT) for the clinical work. Reduced waiting time until material is set and removed. More IOT: More time and convenience for the dentists during material application, less risk for distortion. Short MRT: minimises time for unwanted jaws movements, less wasted wait time for the dentist.

Broad portfolio

Large variety of consistencies and delivery forms for all impressions needs in all techniques. Special Rigid material is designed for preventing distortion common with double-arch trays.

Introducing our New Cartridge Integrated Sytem

Static Mixing Tip Benefits

Stonehenge Mixing Chamber Technology

Hydrophilicity where it counts, intraorally

Hydrophilicity, or contact angle, is most important when the material is being dispensed intraorally. Aquasil Ultra+ impression material delivers industry-leading intraoral hydrophilicity. Our extremely low contact angle—while the impression material is uncured—helps ensure an accurate impression in the presence of natural hydration, so over desiccation of the tooth prep isn’t necessary.

Leading Intraoral Hydrophilicity

The material is designed to avoid trapping fluid from the moment it is syringed in a moist, humid environment, helping alleviate voids and bubbles at or near the margin.

Leading Cured-Film Hydrophilicity

The material continues to work well with moisture after it leaves your office, delivering accuracy at the lab to deliver properly fitting final restorations.

Intraoral Tear Strength with Poly-Stronger Bonds

Tears and voids at the margin are the most common errors in impressions. Aquasil Ultra+ impression material reduces the risk of tears when you need it most — at the thinnest thicknesses while removing it from the mouth. Our advanced formula accommodates a wider set of cases, including those using retraction paste and other techniques where minimal retraction occurs.

Leading Intraoral Tear Strength

Patented technology delivers polyfunctional bonds, for the highest intraoral tear strength on the market. This ensures margins stay intact and material is not left in the sulcus.

Leading Teal Strength at 24 Hours

Labs also need your impression to remain intact. Aquasil Ultra+ material is designed to remain strong after it leaves your office, further ensuring better model and final impression accuracy.

Why is it stronger?


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1. Only with the 50mL System

2. When comparing Dentsply Sirona low viscosity impression material in the new red mixing tip versus the old teal mixing tip.

3. Compared to the 13 applications per cartridge using the current teal mixing tip for 50ml XLV wash material.