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Dentsply Sirona Finland
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Digital Implant Workflow

Chairside workflow

— dental technology solutions for single visit restorative dentistry.

Safety and convenience throughout the workflow

If you perform all the implantology work in the clinic, the chairside workflow enables safe, convenient and individual strategies for single tooth cases.

Surgical guides that are produced in-house ensure implants are placed safely, while the intraoral scanner quickly and easily models digital impressions of the patient's implant and anatomy for accurate planning. With a wide variety of materials available, as well as compatibility with common implant systems, you can conveniently produce individual abutments and crowns.

Chairside digital workflow

by Dentsply Sirona

Data capturing

For a reliable diagnosis it is key to have a complete view of the given situation. For this purpose, the first step is to take a CBCT scan with our Orthophos SL 3D to receive critical information about the bone structure and the anatomical situation. The CEREC Omnicam scan provides data about the soft tissue and serves as a basis for the prosthetic proposal. That is the premise for prosthetic-oriented implant planning, to assure maximal clinical safety and an optimal esthetic outcome.

Restorative and implant planning

The prosthetic situation can be taken into account early in the implant planning process. This prosthetic-oriented implant planning with CEREC SW and Galileos Implant ensures the implant is planned precisely with the final prosthetics in mind for an optimal clinical and esthetic outcome. Implantation is not only safer, thanks to directly visible surgical conditions, but also provides a minimally invasive solution.

Guided implant surgery

Produce your CEREC Guide directly in your practice in less than one hour and at a very low cost. It allows you to perform the treatment in a safe and accurate way. Use CEREC Guide 3 for Astra Tech Implant System, Ankylos and Xive from Dentsply Sirona and CEREC Guide 2 for all major implant systems on the market.

Intraoral scanning

Primescan is your starting point into digital dentistry. Its outstanding scan speed and accuracy ensure implants and edentulous areas are scanned faster and more precise than ever before. No matter how you like to design your workflows, Primescan is the enabler for most efficient digital workflows – both inside your clinic as well as with your preferred partners.

Restorative design and manufacturing

During the prosthetic process, CEREC allows you to work with a wide range of materials and is compatible with a variety of different implant systems. The result is customized abutments and crowns made of the highest-quality materials chairside designed and produced in your practice with the CEREC SW and one of our milling units. With the introduction of CEREC Zirconia meso, you can also quickly treat the implant with a screw-retained crown on CEREC TiBase.

Finalizing the restoration

To finalize the process, the world’s smallest and fastest sintering furnace, the CEREC SpeedFire, can sinter screw-retained crowns or abutments made of zirconia in approximately 24 minutes. If required, you can apply a glaze with the CEREC SpeedGlaze that gives a natural shine, and can be fired in just a few minutes in the CEREC SpeedFire.

Free online course

Introduction to Digital Implant Workflow

The course will answer the following questions:

  • What is a digital implant workflow?
  • What is a chairside workflow?
  • What is a clinic-to-laboratory workflow?

This course is only available in English. Attendance is free of charge.

The most important thing for me in implant dentistry is predictability. With the fully-integrated and entirely validated digital implant workflow by Dentsply Sirona, I can be 100% sure to achieve the best possible results for my patients every single time.

Dr. Carlos Repullo, BDS, DipImpDent RCS (UK), Seville, Spain

I do not compromise when it comes to clinical safety and patient comfort. The new CEREC Guide 3 offers a high degree of precision and a seamless in-office workflow when placing Dentsply Sirona Implants. My patients love the price tag and turnaround time while I retain complete control over the process. It’s a no-brainer.

Sarah Jockin DDS, Tampa, FL, USA

Frequently asked questions

The workflow encourages collaboration amongst the entire treatment team through our Sirona Connect portal.

Models or casts poured from analogue impressions can be scanned with our inEos scanner and then integrated into the digital implant workflow. 

The workflow supports you to grow step by step into implantology. The CEREC system allows you to design and produce implant prosthetics easily in your practice choosing from a variety of materials.

Once you are ready for implant surgery you have various options for guided surgery, from our chairside produced CEREC Guide 3 to a SICAT Guide that offers you a clinical assist service to assure your implant has been planned correctly, the chairside workflow supports all your needs.

You can use Galileos Implant software to plan guided implant surgery, work with partner planning labs or use SICAT Clinical Assist planning services. Your treatment team can provide intraoral scan data through the Sirona Connect portal if you wish to focus on restorative design and production digital implant workflow segments.  

You can use CEREC and inLab CAD/CAM equipment to mill surgical guides. 

The workflow allows for collaboration through the Sirona Connect portal. Implant treatment plans and patient scan data can be shared with the entire treatment and production team through this portal so you can plan or mill as part of the overall patient treatment and prosthetic fabrication process.  

The workflow organizes the treatment team through the Sirona Connect portal. Depending on your equipment and software, your lab can choose to participate as a preferred lab with multiple treatment teams and provide prosthetic design and fabrication solutions specific to each team’s needs. 

The workflow offers several different digital entry points to our integrated digital implantology workflow. Start with digital patient imaging using Sirona Orthophos SL CBCT or CEREC AC Connect with Omnicam. You can also refer patients to colleagues or a preferred lab using the Sirona Connect portal and share in the treatment design and fabrication decisions as a team. 

The workflow offers several different digital entry points to our integrated digital implantology workflow. Start with CEREC or inLab design software used with our family of CEREC CAD/CAM equipment. 

The workflow assures products interact seamlessly. With our best in class 3D imaging and CEREC system dentists can treat implants immediately in one session. The complete workflow stays inhouse and the dentist always has the full control of the procedure. 

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