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Dentsply Sirona Finland
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Infection Prevention

A topic of increasing relevance

Infection prevention is becoming an increasingly important topic in dental practices all over the world. An effective hygiene concept is the hallmark of a well-managed practice and a central requirement of patients. In order to protect dentist, assistant and patient likewise, Dentsply Sirona has developed an infection prevention system that strictly complies with the most demanding requirements.

Infection prevention for treatment centers: It's so easy to be on the safe side

Safety made simple

It does not have to be difficult or time-consuming to stick to the common principles and guidelines when it comes to infection prevention. To ensure effective, intuitive and fast processes, Dentsply Sirona extensively further developed the treatment center. It relieves the practice team through intelligent, automatic flushing and cleaning processes and avoids cross-contamination thanks to hands-free operation right from the beginning.

Integrated disinfection system

An integrated disinfection system ensures safe, continuous disinfection. It automatically dispenses the right amount of Dentosept disinfectant into the process water of the treatment center so that bacteria levels in the treatment water are always as low as possible. The system is also equipped with an integrated air gap according to DIN EN 1717. This is essential to avoid backflow of water and risk of cross contamination. Our treatment centers also carry the test mark of the German Association for gas and water applications (DVGW). 

Built-in sanitization adapters

For the periodic cleaning and flushing of the waterways you can simply put the instrument hoses into the integrated sanitization adapters. Together with the automatic programs for purge, auto-purge and sanitation, the hygiene processes are simple, safe and efficient - the optimal support for your team.

Automatic flushing

Dentsply Sirona treatment centers are equipped with the programs "Autopurge" for the daily flushing of the water lines and "Purge" for the flushing after every treatment. Only with the press of a button, the flushing process is fast, simple and especially safe. All waterlines are cleaned automatically and simultaneously.

Intensive decontamination (Sanitization)

Another benefit of the integrated disinfection system is its additional function for intensive decontamination. During the sanitation, all waterlines are flushed with pure Dentosept which combats internal deposits and prevents the formation of biofilm. If Dentosept remains in the waterlines for at least 24 hrs, it offers optimal protection against biofilm. Dentsply Sirona recommends to do so once a month and after longer times of no usage.

Aqua function

A program for self sufficient water supply enables you to continue to work even if the city water is temporarily not usable for dental treatments. Treatment can be continued with no risk of contaminants.

Silver-free disinfection of the water lines: Dentosept S

Safe - material-friendly - environment-friendly

The water disinfectant Dentosept S is based on hydrogen perioxide, which has proven its high effectiveness over decades. In addition, it no longer uses silver ions, making it more environmentally friendly, because unlike silver ions, hydrogen
peroxide decomposes completely into water and oxygen.

Efficient suction hose cleaning

A central aspect of practice hygiene is the correct handling of wastewater. In order to prevent germs from coming into contact with the team or the patient, the suction hoses and relevant wastewater lines have to be cleaned regularly. To enable an efficient suction hose cleaning, they can be rinsed automatically. They simply need to be placed on the integrated sanitization adapters and the process starts at the press of a button.

Convincing surface design

Next to its aesthetic and ergonomic design, the shape, materials and fabrication of a Dentsply Sirona treatment center also have important benefits when it comes to infection prevention.

Removable parts

All parts critical for hygiene, such as the LEDview Plus handles or the trays, are detachable and can be thermally disinfected and/or sterilized, enhancing protection from cross-contamination.

Smooth surfaces

The smooth and largely gap-free design of the surfaces ensures maximum infection control and can be cleaned quickly and easily.


This also applies to the upholstery - thanks to the innovative thermoforming technology, its surface is especially even and easy to wipe.

Avoid cross-contamination with hands-free operation

Most functions of the treatment center can be controlled hands-free. This prevents cross-contamination right from the beginning.

Foot control

The chair and its instruments can be operated entirely via the foot control.

Integrated 4-way foot switch

In addition to the foot control, the treatment center can also be operated via the 4-way foot switch at the base of the chair.

LED operating light with sensor technology

The LED operating light can easily be programmed according to the chair positions and be operated hands free.

Teneo, Sinius, Intego Pro - in the morning

Teneo, Sinius, Intego Pro - after each patient

Teneo, Sinius, Intego Pro - in the evening

Teneo, Sinius, Intego Pro - weekly

Teneo, Sinius, Intego Pro - monthly or as required

Intego - in the morning

Intego - after each patient

Intego - in the evening

Intego - weekly

Intego - monthly or as required

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