Simplify every restoration with Neo Spectra ST composites featuring SphereTEC technology. 

The Neo Spectra ST composite portfolio covers the full range of dentist's handling preferences and esthetic needs. And thanks to SphereTEC filler technology, the entire portfolio offers optimized performance in the areas that matter most, helping clinicians achieve reliable, esthetic results efficiently.

Neo Spectra ST Composites from Dentsply Sirona


Why choose Neo Spectra ST Composites?

Optimized handling

for easy placement and shaping. SphereTEC fillers enable excellent adaptation and sculptability without stickiness.

Simpified esthetics

5 universal CLOUD shades cover the full VITA®1  range with additional dentin and enamel shades for complex anterior cases.

Reliable longevity

with high polish and stain resistance for lasting esthetics.

Discover how SphereTEC filler technology overcomes limitations in composite design by optimizing submicron particles to deliver unique features and ideal results.


Your preferred handling

Simplified esthetics

Universal CLOUD shades for common cases

SphereTEC’s primary filler particles and resin together enable an excellent chameleon effect for simplified shade matching. One universal CLOUD shade is all you need for the majority of cases.    

  •  5 universal CLOUD shades cover the full VITA®1 range
  •  Reliable, accurate shade match to surrounding tooth structure
  •  Save money and shelf space by reducing inventory
  •  BW shade available for bleach white restorations

Plus dentin and enamel shades for complex anterior cases

For esthetically demanding anterior cases, Neo Spectra ST Effects and Neo Spectra ST universal CLOUD shades work together in a simplified layering technique.    

  • Select one of two dentin effects shades for added opacity
  • One enamel effect shade for a highly translucent incisal edge
  • Simple recipes and technique for advanced esthetic results

Frequently Asked Questions

Neo Spectra ST is a Universal Composite Restorative indicated for direct or indirect replacement of missing or deficient tooth structure in primary and permanent anterior and posterior teeth.

SphereTEC is the new proprietary filler technology used in Neo Spectra ST. The SphereTEC filler particle manufacturing process uses submicron glass and spray-granulation to produce well-defined, pre-polymerized spherical filler particles. The SphereTEC fillers’ morphology, particle size distribution and surface microstructure are the key for the excellent handling, strength, and polishing characteristics of Neo Spectra ST. 

Yes, all 6 Neo Spectra ST shades are available in low-viscosity (LV) and high-viscosity (HV), and in both Compules tips and syringe delivery. 

Neo Spectra ST was designed to provide simplified shading. Thanks to an enhanced chameleon blending effect, full coverage of the 16 VITA®1 classical shade system (A1-D4) can be covered with just five Neo Spectra ST shades of moderate translucency. In addition, a bleach white (BW) shade is available. 

The distinct chameleon effect of Neo Spectra ST enables each Neo Spectra ST shade to match several VITA® shades.

There are 3 effects responsible for the distinct chameleon effect of Neo Spectra ST:

  1. Pigmentation: The right pigmentation ensures the composite’s base shade is close to the desired target(s).
  2. Translucency: optimal translucency ensures the color of surrounding teeth can “shine through” and into the restoration.
  3. Natural scattering of light: the right choice of fillers (i.e. size-fraction and refractive index) enables a natural scattering of light, including opalescence.

The combination of these 3 effects enables 5 Neo Spectra ST shades to match the whole VITA®1 range.

Neo Spectra ST is chemically compatible with conventional (meth)acrylate-based dentin/enamel adhesives including Dentsply Sirona adhesives designed for use with visible light cured composite restoratives.

The stain resistance of light curable resin composites is determined by both the nature of the resin and the nature of fillers. Neo Spectra ST composite’s excellent stain resistance is due to its highly hydrophobic resin matrix and low porosity fillers that prevent colorants’ penetration.

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