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Create Contacts You Can Depend on Every Time

Palodent matrix systems help you achieve reliable isolation with a tight gingival seal. With Dentsply Sirona’s advanced designs, recreating accurate interproximal contacts has never been so easy and predictable. And the anatomically shaped matrices deliver natural contours for better clinical outcomes—without bulky equipment, obstructions to your working room, or the need for extensive interproximal finishing.

When using resin-based restoratives, both isolation and accurate contact creation are essential for successful Class II outcomes. Palodent sectional and circumferential matrix systems are designed to help you get it right the first time, every time. The ring, wedge, and sectional matrix band or circumferential matrix band are all designed to complement the tooth’s natural anatomy, working together to isolate, seal and shape the restoration.

Dentsply Sirona has continuously improved matrix technology to deliver the most advanced sectional and circumferential systems available.

The Palodent Dental Matrix Systems


Why choose Palodent Matrix System?

Easy to use

Natural contours

Tight, anatomically correct contacts

Minimal interproximal finishing

Use cases of Palodent V3

Easily achieve natural contours and tight contacts for improved outcomes. The Palodent V3 system is ideal for composite restoration of most two-surface proximal Class II cavities.

Use cases of Palodent 360

Palodent 360 circumferential matrix bands can be for all Class II restorations, but especially useful for difficult Class II Cases when there is no adjacent tooth, too much tooth structure is missing to use a sectional matrix, or if there is a mis-aligned or severely rotated tooth. 

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