Study results indicating knowledge gaps around the topic sustainability

Sustainability in dentistry is now a key challenge for the oral healthcare sector, with a vast majority of dentists - 68% of participants - saying that the dental industry must improve its performance when it comes to sustainability. This is a key finding of the Global Sustainability in Dentistry Study, which was commissioned by Dentsply Sirona,

More than 1,300 dentists from the United States, Brazil, Germany, UK, France, China and Japan participated in the survey which revealed that three-quarters of all dentists say that there is a knowledge gap on sustainability and want to learn more about this topic.

To address the existing knowledge gap among dentists, Dentsply Sirona has now launched the first course of its comprehensive Sustainability Educational Curriculum. Delivered online and for free through the Dentsply Sirona Academy, each of the five interactive courses is led by experienced experts and will focus on a different aspect of sustainability.

As part of the initiative “Sustainability in Dentistry” in partnership with the FDI World Dental Federation, we have published a Consensus Statement on Environmentally Sustainable Oral Healthcare that identifies current behaviors and proposes strategies aimed at reducing the environmental impact of the dental industry. Additionally, a new online toolkit that aims to give guidance and practical help to dental professionals around the world on how to take action to advance sustainability in dentistry is available. To learn more and explore the toolkit, visit our FDI partnership page.

Download the study results

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