Transparency at Dentsply Sirona

We are committed to running an ethical and transparent business, and work hard to foster trusted relationships with our employees, customers, partners and shareholders.

We strive for the highest standards of excellence throughout our operations and we are increasing transparency around our ESG reporting. To achieve this, we engage with our stakeholders to understand the most material sustainability issues facing the business so we can take positive, long-lasting action to create a brighter world. This is evidenced by the integration of ESG and sustainability issues into our annual enterprise risk assessment to identify, prioritize and respond to the main risks facing the business as well as our first materiality assessment.

Our people sit at the heart of our business, so a healthy business, to us, means integrating sustainable, inclusive, and equitable practices across all aspects of our business to create a supportive working environment. In line with this, we have repositioned our global target of striving to achieve gender pay parity by 2025 under our Healthy Business strategy, to sit alongside our commitment to embed ESG factors across all our risk management processes.

Core Policies and Processes

We have several core policies and processes in place to ensure that we act as an ethical and responsible business.

Our Current Core Policies

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Healthy Business Case Studies

Exploring Our Other Sustainability Pillars