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The Purevac HVE system


Why choose Purevac HVE System?

Better visibility

Fog-free mirror with continuous suction of fluids and debris

Less weight and easier maneuverability

69% lighter and 130% more flexible than a standard HVE hose

Reduced noise

14% Less than a standard HVE tip and 5% less than a low-volume saliva ejector

Greater Fluid Reduction

135% more than a low-volume saliva ejector

“Purevac HVE is one of the top devices dental professionals can use to protect their patients, themselves, and their colleagues by reducing aerosols.”

Emily Boge MPA, RDH, CDA

Create an Environment With Fewer Potentially Harmful Aerosols

Many microorganisms such as viruses can survive for hours, days and even months on the surfaces in your operatory. The amount of bacterial aerosols increase five times1 during dental treatments. These viruses can cause respiratory infections, the most common reason dental clinicians fail to report to work.2 The Purevac HVE System helps remove these aerosols.

In a research study, HVE removed 90% more aerosols during ultrasonic scaling, compared to a low-volume saliva ejector.3

Purevac HVE System Tips and Tricks

Become familiar with the Purevac HVE System. Check out some tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your system.



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