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Xive Implant System from Dentsply Sirona

The two-component Xive S implants allow submerged healing or a single-session procedure, possibly with fabrication of a high-quality temporary denture with the Xive TempBase at the time of implant placement. Xive S is ideal where:

  • the interalveolar volume is limited: smallest implant diameter D 3.0
  • temporary and definitive components are wanted for a simple and fast prosthetic restoration
  • all prosthetic restorations options are to be left open
  • anatomically adapted diameters are to be selected

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Xive TG from Dentsply Sirona

Xive TG is the single-component, transgingival option for situations such as:

  • a single-component transgingival implant design is reasonable
  • a single-stage implant-borne restoration is preferred
  • standard diameters can be selected


Why choose the Xive Implant System?

Built-in smartness

Adaptive for a range of scenarios, from a narrow gap or an edentulous jaw, hard or soft bone to single- or two-stage protocol


Straightforward concepts and the ability to adapt to personalized abutments and suprastructures

Adaptive drilling protocols

Putting you in control when preparing osteotomies and modifiable during preparation depending on the bone quality

Full prosthetic freedom

Numerous innovative prosthetic options which allow you to offer each patient just the right restoration

Streamlined Workflow

for both digital and analog dental implant planning

Excellent long-term survival

Overall implant survival rate of 98% and most short studies show a rate of 100%, ensuring patients a higher quality of life

"The Xive system is one of the most versatile systems on the market, both surgically and prosthetically, allowing me to treat more patients than some other systems do."

Dr. Thomas McGarry, USA

Benefit from working with Xive

Full restorative options for every patient and a smoother way of working are just two of the perks with Xive, but in fact many key features interact to create a perfect mix of benefits. 

  • Easy and versatile prosthetics. Xive ensures versatility on implant and abutment levels and all indications can be immediately restored. To simplify treatments, all properties are self-guiding, and components color-coded or laser-marked. 
  • Early osseointegration and rapid bone formation. The grit-blasted and high-temperature-etched surface ensures superior bone-to-implant contact. This speeds up bone formation on the implant surface.
  • High primary stability in all types of bone. This is achieved thanks to a patented combination of a bone-specific preparation protocol and the bone-condensing thread-design. 
  • Preserved crestal bone. Xive has an integrated platform-switch option. This improves the preservation of crestal bone levels and offers favorable conditions for soft tissue growth.

Comprehensive implant selection

The narrowest gap or edentulous jaw, hard or soft bone, single-session or two-session, immediate loading or delayed loading – with the comprehensive range of implants from 3.0 mm up to 5.5 mm diameter and 8 mm up to 18 mm length, the bonespecifi c preparation protocol and wide range of prosthetic options available with the system, which is appreciated by dental technicians all over the world, Xive helps you achieve an outstanding safe and predictable result in every case.

Xive implants adapt to variations in jaw anatomy with a wide range of diameters and lengths that combine with the cylindrical implant body to make optimum use of the available bone volume in even anatomically  complex situations. In many cases additional grafting procedures are unnecessary. Besides the subgingival Xive S cylindrical screw implants, the Xive implant range includes the option of transgingival Xive TG implants. The endosseous section of both types of implants is identical, which  means that preparation for both types uses the same instruments and the type of implant can be decided during the surgical procedure.

The Xive implant design with the combination of a cylindrical implant body and special thread design guarantees safe and atraumatic implant placement, even in cortical bone. Superior primary stability can be achieved in all bone qualities. The patented specifi c thread design with a condensing crestal section is a  component of the bone-specifi c Xive preparation protocol. 

  • Crestal: expanded cylindrical implant body with condensing thread section
  • Apical: self-tapping thread with apically increasing thread depth

The extension of the implant shoulder tightly seals the cervical gap between bone and implant and makes it easy to place the prosthetic components.

  • Edentulous spans
  • Free-end edentulism
  • Edentulous jaw
  • Prosthetic concept


Single-tooth replacement
  • Fixing bridges and prostheses
  • Xive D 3.0: single-tooth replacement in the front tooth region and splinted single-tooth restorations
  • Type of prosthetic restoration


Immediate implant placement
  • Delayed immediate implant placement
  • Late implant placement


Two-stage procedure
  • Non-functional immediate loading
  • Functional immediate restoration with splinting of four screw implants in the mandible (not Xive D 3.0)
  • Time of implant placement

Treatment Planning

Conventional treatment planning


Surgical planning

During preoperative planning it is very important to check that the height and width of the jawbone is sufficient for placement of the implant.


Fabrication of the surgical template
  • The surgical template, which is used to transfer the pre-prosthetic planning to the clinical situation, is fabricated on completion of the surgical and prosthetic treatment planning. The correct seating of the surgical template must be checked in the oral cavity.
  • The width of the vestibular and oral lamellae should be at least 1.5 mm. The position and direction of important anatomical structures such as the mental foramen or maxillary sinus must be determined by radiology. Grafted regions must be confirmed to have completely regenerated to a mechanically stable state before preparation.
  • Planned prosthetic measures must be checked to ensure that they can actually be implemented with reasonable surgical procedures. All aspects of preprosthetic and surgical planning interact directly with one another. Every change in the preprosthetic planning will affect the surgical planning and vice versa. 
  • This will also include the number, diameter, lengths,  position and alignment of the implants. The available bone volume and important anatomical structures are examined in an radiographic image, which is prepared with the laboratory-fabricated radiographic template with the radiographic balls in the patient‘s mouth.
  • The dimensions inside the oral cavity can be calculated  ccurately from the defined diameter of the radiographic balls. The implant lengths are selected by placing the transparent Xive x-ray template on the OPG.



Computer-guided treatment planning


Digital treatment planning based on three-dimensional imaging procedures enables the therapy to be planned with absolute accuracy and makes the result of the treatment exactly predictable. Guided Surgery from Dentsply Sirona Implants offers a complete solution for digital treatment planning and template-guided implant placement based on the Simplant software, which is used all over the world. The advantages over conventional planning include: 

  • Safe three-dimensional planning in the submillimeter range and with reference to the desired restoration
  • Automatic collision control, which indicates inadequate clearances between implants or to the nerve (inferior alveolar nerve)
  • Information on peri-implant bone quality for accurate conclusions on the probable primary stability

A custom-made Simplant SAFE Guide is fabricated by stereolithography using the digital planning data. This guarantees that the planning will be fully and accurately transferred to the patient‘s mouth with the highest degree of convenience, even in the posterior region, thanks to the unique lateral drill guide access.  Drills with a guide sleeve attached to the instrument, which have been specially developed for templateguided implant placement with Simplant using accurate guides in the template (Sleeve-on-Drill system), enable exact transfer of the planned implant position and secure placement of the implants.

Related product solutions

Since over 20 years on the global market, Xive implant system provides excellent long-term survival. A look at 55 clinical studies following more than 5,000 implants for up to 15 years, tells a great story. Xive has an overall implant survival rate of 98% and most short studies show a rate of 100%. On paper, this makes Xive well-documented and reliable. In reality, it is even better as it ensures patients a higher quality of life.

Acuris conometric concept

This conometric concept is a true game-changer in fixed retention. It secures the final crown and cap using friction—and it just takes one click using a special fixation tool.

SmartFix Concept

This concept uses just four dental implants to provide full restorations without anatomic structures and with less need for bone grafting. The effect? Edentulous, or soon-to-be edentulous, patients receive new teeth in a day.


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