Diode Laser Types

Various types of lasers are used in dentistry. On the one hand there are large and expensive Er:YAG (specialist for hard tissue applications), Nd:YAG (specialist for bacterial reduction) and CO2 lasers (specialist for surgery) which, due to their design, have less flexible mirror arm systems, complex cooling mechanisms and relatively long start-up times. On the other hand there are compact and more cost-effective diode lasers with a wider range of applications, e.g., for minimally invasive surgery, bacterial reduction in periodontology and endodontics as well as photobiomodulation.

That's why we at Dentsply Sirona opted for diode lasers from the word go.

Laser in dentistry and their specific indications

 Diode lasersOther lasers

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 Other diode lasers
Er:YAG laserNd:YAG laserCO2 -Laser
Wavelengths445nm+ 660nm + 970nm  970nm, 940nm, 810nm 2.940nm1.064nm9.600-10.600 nm
Model typeCompact model Compact modelLarge modelLarge modelLarge model
(soft tissue)
Suitable Partially suitableSuitableUnsuitableSuitable
HemostasisSuitable SuitableNot suitableSuitablePartially suitable
PeriodontologySuitable SuitablePartially suitableSuitableSuitable
EndodonticsSuitable SuitablePartially suitableSuitableNot suitable
Bacterial infections
(herpes, aphthous
Suitable SuitablePartially suitableSuitableSuitable
PhotobiomodulationSuitable Suitable*Not suitableNot suitableNot suitable
Hard tissue
Not suitable Not suitableSuitableNot suitableSuitable**

Depending on the laser wavelength and the tissue composition, various physical interactions are induced:

Furthermore, with diode lasers one can differentiate between hard and soft lasers.

  • Hard lasers trigger a direct reaction with the tissue through absorption. They are used in surgery for bacterial reduction.
  • Soft lasers do not trigger a direct reaction with the tissue, instead acting at the cellular level deep inside tissues. They are used for photobiomodulation (e.g. pain therapy and photodynamic therapy).

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* only with corresponding functionality
** 1 laser model available on the market