Dentsply Sirona has over 60 years' experience providing educational solutions and delivering projects on time and on budget all over the world. We have a deep understanding of project management for education, combined with a commitment to flexibility that will enable us to design the optimum learning environment for your requirements.

After we've made an in-depth assessment and cost-benefit analysis, our highly experienced consultants will deliver a solution that maximizes the benefits of our fully-integrated product portfolio and, when necessary, third-party products. Once the project is completed, you can count on comprehensive and responsive service support whenever it's needed.


Asking the right questions

Defining your needs

Once we've found the best way forward we'll make sure our proposal exceeds your expectations.

Technology assessment

We work with you to define your vision and a realistic budget that will prepare you for a bright future.

Benefit-cost analysis

Carrying out a rigorous benefit-cost analysis makes it easy to see what you really need and will benefit most from putting in place.

Local and international compliance

We are experts at making sure clinic planning fulfils all local compliance requirements and your equipment complies with international standards.

“The best solutions for our specific requirements.”

Dr Rolf de Ruijter, Dentist and Lecturer University of Groningen, The Netherlands

Planning a completely new building, upgrading or exchanging equipment or planning to integrate digital technologies in your teaching? We're with you every step of the way:


Finding the right solution

Clinic layout

Optimized floor space supporting efficient and ergonomic daily workflows

Technical infrastructure

Cost-effective solutions for piping, cabling, water, air/suction and electricity

Infection control

Safe processes when it comes to waterlines, suctions tubes and external surfaces

IT infrastructure

Seamless integration into existing networks and dental information management systems

2D, 3D and Virtual Reality: See the full potential of your project

The realistic visualization of a project makes the construction process more coordinated and precise. There are various ways to graphically represent your ideas. Classic two-dimensional floor plans continue to be the indispensable basis for precise planning, for both architects and building technicians. However, actual users often find it difficult to imagine their daily working environment and work processes just from these black lines on white paper. The team of experts at Dentsply Sirona thus has a design team specialized in both precise two-dimensional floor plans and 3D simulation. In the interactive 3D floor plan, the customer is guided through all the rooms and levels of the new clinic complex, both from a first-person perspective and as a bird’s-eye view.


Respected and reliable partners

Our partners are chosen for their industry-specific expertise, reliability and global reach. Because we’ve worked closely with them for many years, we’ve built up excellent relationships based on trust. With us as your single point of contact, you tap into their expertise, knowledge and resources.

Research Programs

As the global technology and innovation leader, we spend over $125 million every year to advance dentistry, and have the largest R&D platform in the industry with over 600 scientists and engineers. Dentsply Sirona Research creates the insight and knowledge needed to develop next generation solutions, often collaborating with others who share the same goal. At any point in time we are engaged in more than 50 clinical studies, testing innovations to prove they are safe, effective and can be used with confidence. Every year these efforts enable us to launch over 30 innovative solutions that improve dental care. Dentsply Sirona has a long-standing record in supporting dental research. We recognize the importance of research and its impact on clinical outcomes. Dentsply Sirona supports and stimulates dental research both at the post graduate as well as the student level.

SCADA - Dental student research competition

Dentsply Sirona encourages innovative thinking through our longstanding support of the SCADA program. SCADA was launched as a joint venture between then, DENTSPLY International and the American Dental Association in 1959, during the centennial session of the ADA in New York City. SCADA‘s mission is to advance the art and science of dentistry by introducing predoctoral students to the world of dental research. By immersing themselves in research, students learn how to apply the scientific method to best serve their patients, as well as broaden their understanding of career opportunities in dentistry.

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