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Treatment concepts

We know that the treatment center has to fully adapt to your needs to optimally support you during the treatment. Consequently, we let you choose between two different treatment concepts - the continental style (CS) with whip arms and the traditional style (TS) with hanging hoses.


Why choose Intego Pro?

Glass Cuspidor

Removable and swiveling, made of high-quality glass.

Integrated disinfection device

Permanent disinfection of all water lines with Dentosept. Automatic sanitizing function for regular intensive disinfection. Can also be used as a self-contained water supply.

Integraded cleaning adapters

For automatic purging of instrument hoses (Autopurge) and sanitization of the water lines.

Chemical suction hose cleaning

Cleaning agent container for chemical flushing of the suction lines. The concentration of cleaning agents can be individually adjusted.

Intego Pro Package Options

The following packages represent the functional complement to basic equipment presented at the top.

All option packages can be combined with each other freely.

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Individual Add-ons

Choose from a wide selection of add-ons for your Intego treatment center. Here are some examples of our customer's favorites.

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