In 2021, Qatar University, the country’s primary institution for higher education, partners with Dentsply Sirona to equip the university’s brand-new preclinical lab at the newly founded College of Dental Medicine.


When Qatar University’s College of Dental Medicine in Doha, envisioned their preclinical laboratory, they worked with Dentsply Sirona’s International Special Clinic Solutions Team to comprehensively equip it with state-of-the-art technology to prepare students for dentistry’s digital future.


32 Sim Intego workstations plus two additional instructor units now offer an ideal learning environment following the latest technological advancements. Additionally, 15 CEREC AI units and the inLab system will be used to support future dentists in their training for highly specialized procedures.


Preparing for the future of dentistry on cutting-edge equipment


The state-of-the-art Sim Intego workstations in the preclinic allow students to train in practice-like conditions. Sim Intego includes key components of treatment centers such as the dentist element so that students already familiarize themselves with the actual treatment process in their preclinical semesters.


Furthermore, the university also opted for the lightweight T1 line instruments series. These easy-to-handle instruments ensure the best training of correct instrumentation techniques to deliver optimal results.
During the preclinical training, CEREC and inLab systems will prepare the students for using CAD/CAM technology in dentistry. Additionally, staff will be supported by a multimedia teaching system designed to enhance communication and to give students the best view of demonstrations at the master workstation.

"The new College of Dental Medicine at Qatar University sees it as part of its core mission to incorporate digital technologies and the latest advancements into its teaching. Thanks to Dentsply Sirona’s innovative products and team of experts we were able to create a future-proof training environment."

Dr. Hanin Daas, Director of Dental Laboratories at Qatar University


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