About the Aligner Course Series 


Thanks to digital dentistry, clinicians have access to groundbreaking solutions, enabling them to plan and execute all-inclusive dental treatments with unparalleled accuracy and effectiveness. This free online aligner course series helps dental professionals become more confident and comfortable using clear aligner therapy (CAT), which has become a popular choice for patients looking for a less intrusive orthodontic option. In this series, learners will gain an understanding of the biomechanics of therapeutic tooth movement, efficient treatment methodologies, and how to diagnose and treat cases.

Key Takeaways

  • Understanding the biochemics and types of tooth movement
  • Diagnosing and treating patient bite and alignment problems
  • Selecting patient case types that are consistent with one´s skill set
  • Formulating treatment plans and presciptive instructions
  • Reviewing and finalizing digital treatment plans and communicating them to patients
  • Troubleshooting common clinical issues that arise during the treatment period.
  • Documenting a assessment of orthodontics problems 
  • Identifying clear aligner auxiliaries and their purpose in addressing malocclusion


Learn Based on Skillset

Industry experts and online education collaborated to create these comprehensive courses to assist dental professionals of all levels learn clear aligner therapy materials, techniques and procedures required for clinical success at your most convenient pace. Whether you're a new clinician or a seasoned practitioner aiming to refine your skills, these courses will help you better understand the most recent advances in the field, enabling you to elevate your practice. We invite those newer to aligner therapy to start from the beginning and those with more experience to jump further down the learning journey.


These beginner-level courses are ideal for those new to clear aligner therapy or looking to refresh their knowledge. These two courses will familiarize participants with the biomechanics involved in therapeutic teeth movement and educate them on the advantages of using aligners to correct misaligned teeth. By the end of the Foundational courses, you will have a concrete understanding of the basics of aligners, allowing you to confidently move forward to our intermediate-level series, the Procedure-Based courses.


The intermediate-level courses are ideal for clinicians with an established understanding of the basics of clear aligner therapy or those looking to refine their skills. These five interactive courses are designed to provide clinicians with a comprehensive understanding of identifying and treating aligner case types efficiently and predictably. At the end of the Procedure-Based courses, you are encouraged to move forward to our advanced courses, the Mastery courses.


These two advanced-level courses are ideal for experienced clinicians with an established understanding of clear aligner therapy. These interactive courses will teach clinicians how to diagnose and treat more complex case types, including interdisciplinary cases. Participants will also learn about auxiliaries and adjuncts to control root and bodily movements better. By the end of the Mastery courses, participants will have the confidence to incorporate CAT into their practice.

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