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Oral rehabilitation and restoration can be an extensive, complex process. Whether you’re working with your patient through periodontal therapy or post-oncology treatment, dental restorations requires a level of care and consideration that is unmatched. The restorative products you choose can influence the efficiency and health of your practice.

About Restoration Products

When working on restorative case, every choice and every detail is a vital one for the success of the restoration and the satisfaction of the client. Restorative products, including resin cement, temporary crown or bridge material, and resin-based composites, should work together to support a smooth workflow and incredible results. Not only is the choice of restorative products important for a seamless in-office experience but it also ensures your patient's new smile stays beautiful and healthy long after they leave the office.

What To Consider

The type of restoration being done will determine the type of products you’ll need, but all of your products should be durable and easy to use. Taking into account the factors needed for the restorations to last long-term, should be a high priority; for example, posterior restorations will require materials that are high wear resistance and able to withstand masticatory forces  When replacing tooth structure, the material type chosen can make a significant difference in the result of your work. Each patient has unique requirements, so having access to products that will allow an individualized approach gives you more opportunities to get the best result - no matter where you’re starting.

The Dentsply Sirona Difference

As partners in education and innovation, we strive to provide the most technologically advanced, user-friendly products on the market. Our product choices take into consideration your experience as a clinician as well as the experience of your patients. Strong materials, efficient workflows, and proven longevity from tried-and-true brands like Aquasil Ultra+, TPH Spectra ST, and SmartLite ensure your technique is supported by tools and accessories that work. When you’re ready to optimize your restorative procedures, Dentsply Sirona is the manufacturer that provides guidance and education along with the latest technology in products