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When it comes to endodontic procedures, our goal is to help you achieve the best patient outcomes with maximum efficiency and lasting results.

The Endodontics Signature Workflow integrates an ecosystem of products and treatment solutions built around your procedures into an efficient workflow.

All powered by DS Core—our advanced, comprehensive, cloud-based open platform.

The Endodontics Signature Workflow provides complete solutions for your practice that address the key clinical and procedural challenges associated with endodontic treatments.  

The benefits of the Endodontics Signature Workflow are:

  • Comprehensive workflow approach through the 3 steps: shaping, cleaning, obturation
  • Shaping: Dentsply Sirona files systems are adapted to your needs. Choose the one that fits best in your hands and cover a full range of anatomical situations. When pairing WaveOne Gold with ProMark, you’ll work with the genuine reciprocating motion, engineered to leverage the design of the file for more predictable outcomes.
  • Cleaning: Activated fluids promote deep cleaning and disinfection facilitating 3-D obturation and long-term success
  • Obturation: Achieve the ideal fit 100% of the time via a bioactive seal and custom-shaped gutta-percha for a calibrated seal
  • Each Root Canal system is unique and each clinician has their own needs, that’s why Dentsply Sirona offers dedicated treatment solutions for your own practice.

Through our Signature Workflows, we have united insights from more than 130 years of experience in the dental industry. The Endodontics Signature Workflow is one of them.

From diagnosis and treatment planning over root canal treatment to the final restoration, your practice can expand its clinical cases with precision tools and a specialized workflow that delivers consistency, versatility, and predictable outcomes for each unique case.

Together, we can build what’s next. United, we can evolve dentistry and patient care.

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