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Working to correct irregular teeth can be a complicated practice, so it’s essential that the tools you use to support your work are simple and easy to use. Orthodontic products should be durable and reliable while also ensuring a smooth and safe procedure process for your patients. Whether you’re working on a short-term dental fix or a long realignment journey, your equipment will make all of the difference for both you and your patients.

About Orthodontic Products

There is a wide variety of equipment to consider when building an effective orthodontic toolkit. The products you use in the office should make your client experience as painless and effective as possible. Dental grade plastics, well-crafted handpieces, and precise blades or scissors support an exceptional user experience as a dental expert while chewies aligner tray seaters and retainer cleaning tablets ensure your work is being protected and maintained outside the office.

What To Consider

Strength and durability are two of the most important features when considering any orthodontic products. In order to ensure your clients are safe, you want to make sure your tools won’t break either during a procedure or after your patients leave the office. Reliability also ensures that you and your patients goals are within reach without any bumps in the road toward a healthy, beautiful smile. Purchasing tools that are comfortable to use enables you to focus on your patients without worrying about the process.

The Dentsply Sirona Difference

When you’re ready to buy orthodontic products, Dentsply Sirona has the brands you know and trust. Whether you’re looking for appliance fabrication, archwires, lasers, IPR, or other instruments, we offer a variety of options so you can cater your practice to your patients’ unique needs. With brands like SureSmile, Byte, and Essix, you can buy orthodontic products with confidence, knowing that you’re purchasing the best, most innovative products in the market from a partner that empowers dental professionals around the world.