Holding Ourselves Accountable

Setting strong, ambitious yet achievable sustainability goals is a critical part of our strategy process. Alongside our full set of goals, we have developed flagship goals to be our north star. Aligned with global frameworks and targets, these goals articulate our company vision, direct the strategy, and hold us accountable to the Board and all stakeholders. They will enable us to realize our vision to transform dentistry to improve oral health globally as we deliver innovative solutions to customers and empower them to give millions of people access to better dental care.

Our Sustainability Goals

Achieve 25 Million Smiles by 2025

Everything we do, from empowering our customers to providing the best-quality dental care to patients, ensuring an environmentally responsible workplace, developing our talent, and educating our customers, is done with the goal of improving oral health around the world and creating healthy smiles. We see smiles as belonging to our patients, communities, customers, and empowered, motivated employees.

Reach Net-Zero Carbon Emissions (Scopes 1-3) by 2050

As a global business and leader in oral health, we understand our responsibility to the environment and to protecting and preserving the planet for future generations. To demonstrate our commitment, we have set a target, in line with globally recognized standards, of reaching net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Work to Achieve Gender Pay Parity by 2025

As part of the global fight to achieve gender equality, we’re committed to working hard to find solutions that reduce the global gender pay gap.

Strive to Achieve Global Gender Parity by 2025

As an international business with a global footprint, we recognize the positive impact that a diverse workforce brings and understand that diversity goes beyond gender. To ensure we are fostering a culture of equality and fairness, we’re cultivating an environment of inclusion across gender, ethnicity, and all other forms of diversity.